Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is a Catholic Albino Monk going to Kill The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown?

Is a Catholic Albino Monk going to Kill The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown?

Is a Catholic albino monk going to kill The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown? Is Opus Dei secretly leading riots against offices of the local Sony Distributor and others who financed the making of a film?

No, only Islam, the religion of peace, kills and riots if their religion is defamed.

However, we now know that Moslems cannot only be terrorists, but hypocrites. According to the Joshuapunit blog a major Moslem figure in Great Britain “almost entirely financed” The Da Vinci Code.

“Interestingly enough, the film version of `The Da Vinci Code' was almost entirely financed by none other than Mohammed Yusef, the founder and Chairman of Invicta Capital in Great Britain. Invicta put up £100 million of the £114 million that the movie reportedly cost. That allowed Sony to dramatically reduce its cost of borrowing money to produce and market the movie."

"Not only that, but due to a wrinkle in the British tax laws, The British government is helping pay the tab! According to the 1. Sunday London Times , Yusef and Invicta took advantage of a tax break that was designed by Inland Revenue (Britain's IRS) to promote filmmaking in Britain.”

Imagine the outrage and hype by the media if a Moslem had finances Mel Gibson’s The Passion. Moslems aren’t the only hypocrites.

P.S. Brown isn't dead so maybe he and his fans will admit his book isn't based on "fact." I'm also waiting for him and Hollywood to make a similar film on Islam.
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