Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is Al Franken a Friend of America's Fetuses?

Is Al Franken a Friend of America's Fetuses?

Al Franken has joined the chorus of pro-abortionist Democrats who have converted to the "pro-life" cause. It has nothing to do with lying so that pro-lifers might vote for Democrats and that's The Truth.

In his new book The Truth, he tells us:

"[T]he pro-life movement is being used by politicians who don't have the best interest of America's fetuses in mind" and "nobody likes getting an abortion."

Franken soon forgot his new friendship when he said on the Jay Leno show that Samuel Alito " has some scary ideas like that of a woman having to inform her husband before having an abortion" according to

This would mean that some fathers trying to save their sons or daughters life are not in the best interest of the fetuses(Latin for unborn babies).

So it's in the best interest of unborn babies to be killed. Now I understand the logic behind Franken's version of "The Truth."

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