Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clinton-Gore’s "Unconstitutional Infringement of our Rights”

Clinton-Gore’s "Unconstitutional Infringement of our Rights"

Al Gore condemned "unconstitutional infringement of our rights" by President Bush for limited bugging of suspected foreign terrorist phone calls to Americans.

But according to journalist Joseph Farah "[B]eginning in 1993, [Gore] ran the ‘Clipper chip’ project for the Clinton administration that would have done just that – bug every phone, computer and fax machine in America."

Gore-Clinton administration also attempted to corrupt the FBI for their pro-abortion political agenda.

The July 2, 2000, New York Post reported that Judicial Watch, using FBI documents, alleged that the FBI collected information on, as well as monitored, peaceful pro-life groups and individuals, including the late John Cardinal O'Connor and the conservative pro-life Catholic bishops, after being pressured by the Janet Reno Justice Department.

When a Post FBI source was asked if these allegations were true, the person said: "What do you think? This is a highly political, highly corrupt administration."

The Post said, "According to sources and published reports, numerous FBI agents felt that abortion-rights supporters in the attorney general's office crossed an ethical line out of eagerness to damage the pro-life movement . . . Judicial Watch's [Tom] Fitton, who, having seen how the Clintons used the FBI to pursue its political goals in Travelgate and Filegate, puts nothing past them."

So the question is while the FBI was monitoring Mother Teresa's friend Cardinal O'Connor, did the Gore-Clinton administration agency have time to monitor foreign terrorists before 9-11?

Or a better question is, did the Gore-Clinton administration support "unconstitutional infringement of our rights" by totalitarian foreign powers who supported state-sponsored terrorism?

Farah answers this question:

"Incredibly, later, declassified documents from the CIA and the U.S. State Department show, the Clinton-Gore administration considered sharing Clipper chip ‘keys’ with foreign powers including China, Syria and Pakistan. In other words, Gore was not only willing to subject Americans to the abusive whims of their government spy agencies, he was also willing to help totalitarian regimes maintain a hammerlock of control on their people."

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