Sunday, October 30, 2005

Luck Saves Bush from Being Nixon II

Luck may Save Bush from Being Nixon II

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers’ nomination was over on October 26 when the Washington Post reported that she urged voters to support feminist candidates such as Gloria Steiner and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to the Post, Miers "said in a speech more than a decade ago that ‘self-determination’ should guide decisions about abortion and school prayer and that in cases where scientific facts are disputed and religious beliefs vary, ‘government should not act.’"

I knew before the report that a Katina storm was going hit Bush. I was receiving waves of emails, such as the one below, of a revolt from of the President’s base supporters.

If Bush didn’t replace Miers, his presidency was about to hit the dustbin of history.

He was about to lose more than 50% of his base, the pro-life and pro-family voters, as his vice president’s chief of staff was being indicted for lying to a grand jury and his political director Karl Rove was still under investigation.

Hard as it is to believe, the Democrats really believe that Bush is a Hitler. They are ready to attempt a Nixon on Bush. Reagan and Clinton were able to survive ouster because their base remained loyal.

Bush, a trusting man, believed his loyal friend Miers despite the protests of his base. He is lucky that the Washington Post clearly showed her pro-abortion and anti-school prayer skeletons before it was too late.

Luck may have saved Bush from being Nixon II.

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Dear friends and family,

There is growing evidence that Pres. Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court,
Harriet Miers, is in fact not a political conservative, nor is there any
convincing evidence so far that she would be a constructionist (i.e.
interpret the Constitution according to the meaning the Founding Fathers
gave it, rather than invent new laws and meanings according to the
justice's own political ideology, also known as legislating from the
bench). Legislation from the bench has just about destroyed this country
over the last 40 years, and has an impact on every aspect of society. We
are now so far gone that there is no longer any room for candidates whose
actual views and philosophy are unknown.

Pres. Bush promised to give us Supreme Court nominees "in the mold of
Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas." Miers definitely doesn't fit that
description, according to what is known about her already. There are
several other excellent candidates that he could have nominated.

Several pro-family or conservative organizations have now broken ranks with
Pres. Bush over this choice (in addition to lots of criticism from numerous
highly respected conservative commentators). They have put together this
web site, to rally support behind a campaign to pressure him to withdraw
this nomination, which is now splitting apart the pro-family and
conservative coalition that put him into office. They provide e-mail
addresses for the White House, a petition you can sign, and lots of
background info. on Miers. Among the groups supporting this web site are
the highly respected Eagle Forum, founded by Phyllis Schafly. Schlafly has
a reputation for telling the truth, regardless of which political sacred
cows she skewers, whether in the Republican or Democatic camp.

Those of you who are pro-life and pro-family activisits should be
particularly concerned. A constructionist approach to the Constitution
would have prevented the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion,
since there is in fact nothing in the Constitution that allows killing
unborn babies. Instead the Supreme Court legislated from the bench by
inventing a non-existent right to privacy they claim that the Constitution
allows. The more recent Lawrence decision invented a Constitutional right
to engage in sodomy and would lay the foundation for an eventual
legalization of homosexual "marriage" unless we have some saner judges on
the Supreme Court. We don't really know if Miers would be a constructionist.
It still remains to be seen how Chief Justice John Roberts will rule on
crucial issues. We simply have no margin for a candidate as wobbly as
Miers, in my opinion.

If interested, you can check out this web site, and if you share my
concerns, you can feel like you are at least able to do something to try to
stop this disaster.

Thanks for your time and consideration. If she does get confirmed, then we
can pray that she (and the other justices) will make wise decisions.