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Creating a Great Catholic or Pro-life Ad

Creating a Great Catholic or Pro-life Ad

Ad Expert Wanda Loskot says 90% of the effectiveness depends on the headline. If the reader doesn’t find the title interesting he will not read the rest.

· Spend most or a lot of the time on creating an attention grabbing headline.
· Make it bold, newsworthy or if possible put an offer in the headline.
· Concentrate on your target reader. If possible name him! Headlines like "Attention Catholics of Santa Clara County" make it impossible for Catholics of Santa Clara County not to read it! (The headline of the most successful crisis pregnancy center in the USA is Considering Abortion? It’s your choice. The Women’s Center 1-800-400-4205)
· You have to come up with your own headline, but it should be something like: Considering a Catholic Gift or Book? You’ll find it at Our Lady of Peace Gift Shop. Or We’ll Special Order it for you


The headline may be created before or after you write the copy or body of your ad. The important thing is to have a purpose in writing your headline and copy. Your purpose is to get people interested in Catholic gifts or books to come to your store.

After your headline the most important part of your ad is the lead or first paragraph of your copy. Again if the first paragraph is not interesting to your target reader then you’ll lose him. The Women’s Center’s lead is:

Information and services related to:

-Family Planning &Pregnancy Alternatives
-Free Pregnancy testing
-Confidential Counseling

Your lead, which you must write, should be something like:

Free gifts to anyone who mentions this ad:

-Bring the kids we have items for them
-You will find quality Catholic items at good prices
-Service to you is our goal

You will notice in the two above leads that they are giving attention to the target reader. Use words like you, free or words that catch the attention of the reader you want coming into your store. The above lead is targeted at families that want good prices and services.

Ask for Action

Ask you reader to do something. You should ask them to call you or come to your location. The Women’s Center asks:

Call the office nearest to you...

5116 N. Ciero Av-Chicago
(773) 283-1400

Your call to action, which again you must put together, could go:

Call us or come to our location at:

Drive to down 101 HWY until you get
to Great America BLVD (near Great America)
where you’ll see the 50 ft. statue of Our Lady or
call us at (408) 333-3333

With this ad you would want to put a picture of the 50-foot statue of Our Lady because that is a symbol of your target reader and a direction finder. When picking a graphic or photo make sure it is related to your call to action or target reader.

In addition you may want to include in your ad other languages if you carry items of more that one language. The above crisis pregnancy center advertisement uses Spanish and Polish sub ads in their main ad.

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