Monday, April 25, 2005

Do You Want to Know What Pope Benedict is Going to Do?

Do you want to know what Pope Benedict is going to do?

If you want to know what Pope Benedict is going to do listen the American founder of Ignatius Press, a leading Catholic publisher.

Founder Fr. Joseph Fessio is a very close friend and former doctoral student of the new pope. Ratzinger when still a Cardinal visited the Fessio’s San Francisco based Ignatius Press as a show of support.

Ignatius Press’ Catholic World Report was one of the first publications to expose the Catholic sex abuse scandal and has done numerous insider reports on the American Catholic Church. So expect Pope Benedict to be the most informed pope in history on the American Church.

There are a number of pro-abortionist and pro-sodomy member of the American Church who a shaking in their boots. They are the source of a lot of the negative media campaign against the new pope. But don’t expect any heads to start rolling. Fessio and Benedict are more interested in “a great renewal of the liturgy” and one last shot at saving a dying Europe.

In my opinion, if they have the time, once they realize that Europe is a waste of time they will turn to the United States and Latin America, which holds the majority of Catholic in the world.

Here is what Father Fessio said about Pope Benedict’s agenda on the "News Hour with Jim Lehrer" on PBS:

“You see one of the things which is important is his name; he took the name Benedict. St. Benedict was a saint of the 6th Century who, when the Roman Empire was invaded by barbarians, was declining, was corrupting from within.
Benedict left the city of Rome, went out into the countryside, Subiaco, and prayed. Others joined him, he founded a monastery, by 1200 there were 40,000 Benedictine monasteries throughout Europe.

The Benedictines, through prayer and worship and praise of God, through leaving a corrupting superpower, actually gave Europe its culture, created Christendom and I think that Ratzinger, just as Father just said, wants to go back to that root, that origin which made Europe great and gave it great art and great music and literature and history and philosophy and theology.

He wants to go back to that and re-evangelize Europe. Also very important: He didn't publish many books the last years because what he published was many collections of talks, collections of articles he'd written, but he did publish one book called ‘The Spirit of the Liturgy.’

And that was his vision of what it member to worship God in a beautiful and profound and reverent way. And he believes the way to transform human society is to transform the heart, and that every heart is made for God, to worship God privately but also worship God publicly.

And so I believe that because Benedict founded monasteries whose work was the work of God, worship and prayer, that he is going to bring fruition to a great renewal of the liturgy, which the Second Vatican Council promised.”


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