Friday, April 14, 2006

Democrat/Media Hypocrisy on the Bush Leaks

Democrat/Media Hypocrisy on the Bush Leaks

The Democrat/media hypocrisy on the Bush leaks is almost laughable.

According to a November 2, 2000 AP article Nancy Pelosi joined the nation's largest news organizations in opposing and getting Bill Clinton to veto a bill that “would criminalize all unauthorized disclosures of classified information.” Why do Pelosi and the media now want to criminalize leaks? Why didn't they want to do the same then?

The AP article “News organizations ask Clinton to veto classified leaks bill” wrote Pelosi opposed the bill because she worried that “even members of Congress could face felony charges for revealing classified information.”

Pelosi and the media want us now to believe that they are not hypocrites for being “scandalized” by the Bush leaks. I might believe the Democrats and the media are not hypocrites if they had been scandalized when:

- “Linda Tripp, whose Pentagon personnel file was illegally leaked in 1998 by a Clinton Defense Department flak to New Yorker Magazine writer Jane Mayer, who promptly splashed details of Tripp's shoplifting arrest as a teenager across its pages.”

- “Paula Jones, whose tax returns were illegally leaked in Sept. 1997 to New York Daily News columnist Lar Erik Nelson”

-“And where were our self-appointed guardians of privacy when the White House decided that the best way to discredit Clinton sexual assault accuser Kathleen Willey was to release her personal correspondence to the press."["U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth later ruled that the shabby manuever was a criminal violation of the Privacy Act. Democrats."]

-“And what about the mother of all White House privacy violations, Filegate. Over 1100 FBI files on Republicans were dispatched into the custody of bar bouncer-turned-White House security chief Craig Livingstone.”

-"’Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, inadvertently disclosed a top secret communications intercept during a [1985] television interview,’ reported the San Diego Union-Tribune in a 1987 editorial criticizing Congress' penchant for partisan leaks."["‘The intercept, apparently of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's telephone conversations, made possible the capture of the Arab terrorists who had hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro and murdered American citizens,' the paper said, adding, 'The reports cost the life of at least one Egyptian operative involved in the operation.’"]

In a more balanced view of the situation the Washington Post editorial “Good Leaks” said of the Bush leak or to be more accurate the Vice President Cheney leak there “was nothing illegal or even particularly unusual about that; nor is this presidentially authorized leak necessarily comparable to other, unauthorized disclosures that the president believes, rightly or wrongly, compromise national security . . . [But] Cheney's tactics make Mr. Bush look foolish for having subsequently denounced a different leak in the same controversy and vowing to ‘get to the bottom’ of it.”[]

Moreover Cheney was responsible for the political disaster of Iraq. On Apr. 11, 2006 columnist Robert Scheer wrote that “former Secretary of State Colin Powell told me that he and his department’s top experts never believed that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat, but that the president followed the misleading advice of Vice President Dick Cheney and the CIA.” []

It may be that Cheney needs to be Miers II.

The President needs to distance himself from Cheney with a plan for winning in Iraq by using his father and Ronald Regan’s off-shore balancing strategy. He must first develop war ships off-shore with the capacity to deploy rapidly forces should a crisis happens that endangers access to Persian Gulf oil, which is necessary for our national security.

Next he must recruit and train Iraqi security (even ex-Baath who are not ideological extremist) to deal with terrorists, then get all the U S troops out of Iraq and allow the Iraqi people to govern their internal politics.

He must realize what Napoleon found out in Spain. Even Napoleon’s liberal allies rejected reforms and joined forces against France once the war was framed as a fight for national independence. If Bush really wants terrorism to end in Iraq and democracy to begin what is seen as a foreign occupation must end.

This strategy is not easy, but it is doable.

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