Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Media Covering Up Biden's Sunday Interview Lies

Joe Biden Misleads in Interview, Routinely Supports Tax-Funded Abortions

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Joe Biden repeatedly made the claim in a Sunday interview on the NBC political show "Meet the Press" that he opposes taxpayer funding of abortions.

However, a look at his voting record over the years reveals numerous instances where Barack Obama's pro-abortion running mate did exactly that.

"I don't support public, public funding. I don't, because that flips the burden. That's then telling me I have to accept a different view," he said on the program.

As recently as February, Biden voted against an amendment that would permanently prevent abortion funding at Indian health care service facilities. The amendment from Sen. David Vitter would codify a longstanding policy against funding of abortions with federal Indian Health Service (IHS) funds.

In April 2005, Biden voted against the Mexico City Policy, which President Bush instituted to prohibit taxpayer funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas.

He also voted for international abortion funding in July 2003. In a May 2003 vote, Biden also voted for a pro-abortion amendment to repeal the law that prohibits performance of abortions of military base hospitals, all of which are taxpayer-funded.


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