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Obama promoting homosexuality, report card reveals

Obama promoting homosexuality, report card reveals
Assessment outlines stark difference in leading candidates' positions

Posted: August 22, 2008
10:39 pm Eastern

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has a long and established record of promoting homosexuality in contrast to the presumptive GOP candidate, Sen. John McCain., according to a new report card issued by a pro-family organization in California.

The report card, which has been posted online, was produced by the Campaign for Children and Families, which said it isn't taking a position on the political candidates but wanted people to see the "unrepudiated positions" of the candidates on issues including homosexual "marriage," teaching homosexuality to school children and adoption by homosexuals.

"Let the record show that John McCain and Barack Obama are polar opposites on partial-birth abortion, parental notification of abortion, marriage protection on the ballot, homosexual indoctrination of schoolchildren, gay adoptions, gun-owner rights, activist judges, and raising taxes," said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families. "No one should base their vote on personality or mere feelings. Our carefully researched report card shows you exactly where Obama and McCain stand on issues of importance to voters, their families, and our nation's future."

Obama in June told a homosexual activist group he opposes the "divisive and discriminatory efforts" to install in the California constitution a definition of marriage limiting that status to one man and one woman, the report card says.

His wife, Michelle, told the Democratic National Commmittee's "Gay" and Lesbian Leadership Council, "Barack has made crystal clear his commitment to ensuring full equality for LGBT couples … that's why he opposes all divisive and discriminatory constitutuional amendments, whether it's a proposed amendment to the California and Florida constitutions or the U.S. Constitution."

McCain has said he supports California's marriage amendment proposal, which voters put on the November ballot.

Obama also has supported teaching school children to think favorably about homosexuality, the report card said.

During a Democratic presidential debate at Dartmouth last year, former Sen. John Edwards, responding to a question, said he would want children exposed to positive portrayals of homosexuality in the second grade.

"You know, I feel very similar to John," Obama said. "That … you know, the fact is my nine-year-old and my six year olds, I think are already aware that there are same-sex couples. And my wife and I have already talked about it."

Meanwhile, McCain voted against federal funding for schools that promote homosexuality to school children.

On a third issue, Obama opposes a ban on adoptions based solely on sexual orientation, according to his response to a questionnaire from the Human Rights Campaign. He said in a letter to the Family Equality Council "we have to extend equal treatment in our family and adoption laws" to LGBT families.

McCain, who with his wife has an adopted daughter, said, "I don't believe in gay adoption."

The report card reveals additional opposite positions on allowing local governments to ban gun ownership, with Obama supporting a District of Columbia handgun ban that later was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. McCain has affirmed the 2nd Amendment "guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms. And to argue anything else is to reject the clear meaning of our founding fathers."

Obama also has affirmed he would select judges because of their "heart" and "empathy" as well as their ability to have a "broader vision of what America should be." McCain has stated his desire for candidates with "a proven commitment to judicial restraint."

On taxes, the report card said Obama will raise them, while McCain "has pledged to veto any tax increase and says he supports making existing tax cuts permanent."

The two remaining assessments involve abortion, an issue that has enveloped the Obama campaign in recent days as reports have confirmed his statements as a state lawmaker appeared to express concern about the "burden" of offering medical assistance to a baby who survives an abortion.

The report card said Obama has opposed government regulation of even partial-birth abortions, while McCain has sponsored a ban on the procedure he described as "odious." Obama also has opposed notifying parents before an abortion can be peformed on their minor daughters, while McCain co-sponsored legislation to prohibit taking minors across state lines to circumvent parental notification laws.

"The American people have come together to say that partial-birth abortion offends our national conscience, that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for elective abortions, and that states should be allowed to enact parental notification laws," McCain told the National Right to Life convention in July.

The CCF, a leading California-based organization representing children and families in California and America, says it stands for marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom and back-to-basics education. The group said it provided the report to document candidates' positions "that matter to families."


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