Saturday, September 06, 2008

AP SPEAK: Messiah Obama "Rebukes" Sarah while Lowly Palin can only "Attack" the Messiah

AP Thinks Obama Is Messiah

I was checking out some stuff on Google today, and found the following headline: "Obama Rebukes Palin On Earmarks."

According to, rebuke means: " express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprove; reprimand."

To say that one person rebuked another is to imply that the person doing the rebuking has some basis of authority to issue a rebuke. Basically, just by using that word, they are trying to say that Obama is at a higher plain than Palin, and has the right to rebuke her. On top of that, it implies that she is wrong and he is right. When McCain or Palin say something about Obama, they call it an attack, or a shot, but when it's their man, it's a rebuke.

Further, for those of us that are people of Faith, we recognize the word from Scripture. At times we have read about Jesus rebuking people, through his own authority as the Second Person of the Godhead (or Trinity). At times we see an Apostle rebuking someone by the authority they have received from God, but always, the authority behind the rebuke, is God Himself.

Clearly, the AP is saying that Obama has the authority to "rebuke" Sarah Palin. Further, they are clearly showing that they are siding with him, saying that he is right, and she is wrong. Beyond that, by choosing that word, they are saying that he is something even more than that, a Messianic figure even.

It's really disgusting when a supposed news organization, like the AP, is so far in the tank for one political candidate that they are willing to make such statements, both the explicit and the implicit ones, but what's even worse is when they try to pass it off as a hard news story, and then think that the public is too stupid to see what they are doing.

I actually don't care about what Obama had to say here, he is a political Candidate, in the middle of a big campaign, of course he's going to attack the other side. He's spinning it, and he's full of it, but you have to expect that in these things. No, what is disgusting here is the inappropriate actions of the, so-called, mainstream (but really very far left) media in this country.

Obama is not God, or the Messiah, but I think someone needs to tell the AP.
Posted by Matt W. at 4:19 PM


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Obama is not a messiah, but any averagely professional psychologist can notice from his 'inspiring' speeches, that some mental problems lie underneath this charisma - the man just can't resist saving us, world and anything you want... He needs recognition and attention, and needs it a lot - it's the messiah complex, not charisma -
Well, it may not interfere with ruling the country, as he wants only good, but we've already had one psycho in power for 8 years...


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