Friday, September 05, 2008

Zogby: McCain/Palin 47%, Obama/Biden 45%

Obama Loses Convention Bump, McCain On A Roll
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While the party responsible for chasing God out of our schools and the public square have some members gleefully speculating that there might now be a God because hurricane Gustav has come in time for the Republican National Convention they apparently have not noticed the most recent polls.

It was historic in itself that in the middle of the Democrat Convention Obama had no lead in the polls. In fact, in most polls, instead of having a double digit lead as most Democrats have had historically, Obama was either even with McCain or in the instance of the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, McCain was 2 points ahead.

After Obama’s acceptance speech he finally got a post convention bounce of 4 to 8 points. Now, less than 72 hours later that bounce has evaporated. A recent CNN poll has the race at McCain 48% and Obama 49%, a statistical dead heat. The Real Clear Politics average has dropped from 3.9% to 3.6%, still a statistical dead heat. The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has shrunk from an 8 point Obama bounce down to 6 and the Zogby International poll, which was the most accurate poll in the 2000 election, has McCain up 47% and Obama at 45%.

McCain’s pick of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, appears to have made a big difference in the polls and snatched away from Obama his convention bounce. Once again, McCain’s campaign seems well orchestrated and executed.

Jack L. Richardson, IV


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