Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin: More Executive Experience than Obama and She Visited Injured Troops

The media/Democrat attacks on Palin have begun, many with the elegance and class for which liberals are so well known
August 31, 2008

The Daily D’oh-bama Moment: Is it really a smart move for the Obama campaign to criticize someone over a lack of experience, especially if that someone is a former mayor and governor with more executive experience than your two guys put together? And if the state’s population is about as large as that of the state of your v-p nominee (who has only been a Senator)? Why emphasize the Republican vice-presidential nominee’s alleged inexperience so as to draw more attention to your presidential nominee’s inexperience? But, hey, if that’s what you want to stress, I’m sure McCain will be happy to fight the campaign on that ground.

Unlike Obama, Palin’s foreign policy experience, measured by the Obama standard of giving vacuous speeches in foreign countries, extends to visiting injured troops that Obama could not be bothered to see. And, unlike the faux anti-Washington posturing of two Senators (three, counting McCain), she is an establishment outsider—even in her own state and party.

Some of the feminists who supported Hillary find Palin interesting and attractive as a candidate. (Caution: Colorful language.) Note: For the linked posting to appear, press to make the link a full frame on the computer screen.


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