Monday, September 08, 2008

Zogby: McCain 49.7%, Obama 45.9%

Polls Show McCain and Palin With 3-4 Percent Lead With Convention Bounce

Washington, DC ( -- National polls won't truly assess the bounce John McCain and Sarah Palin received last week at the GOP convention until Monday, but the initial results look good.

Two different polls now show the team with a 3-4 percentage point lead over pro-abortion candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

A Zogby International poll conducted on Friday and Saturday shows the McCain-Palin ticket with a 49.7-45.9 percentage point lead over Obama and Biden.

That gives the McCain ticket about a four percent lead with another 4.4 percent undecided.

When looking at the race as a head-to-head matchup featuring just McCain and Obama, McCain holds a 48.8-45.7 advantage with 5.5 percent undecided.

Pollster John Zogby says the poll shows the addition of the Alaska governor has helped McCain significantly and she has unified the core McCain constituencies behind him.

Meanwhile, the latest Gallup daily tracking poll released Sunday shows McCain moving ahead of Obama 48-45 percent among registered voters.

Another two percent of voters said they would vote for neither candidate, indicating they may be sitting out the election, and four percent are undecided. These results are based on September 4-6 , and include two full days of polling after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last Thursday night.


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