Friday, January 05, 2007

Who Ended the Cold War?

James Carroll in House of War claims Pope John Paul II helped Gorbachev end the Cold War, but Ronald Reagan had little to do with ending it.

Carroll’s liberal bias blinded him to the historical facts that even the New York Times admits. Pope John Paul II, Reagan and Gorbachev each had an important part in ending the nuclear mutual destruction standoff.

Larry Schweikart in America's Victories shows how Star Wars bankrupted the USSR and helped to end the Cold War. Schweikart quotes Reagan saying SDI "was not a trade-off for arms control, it was arms control."

Even the liberal Carroll admits that Reagan and the first Bush made dramatic [nuclear] arsenal reductions. He admits that Clinton ended "the era of real reductions" of the nuclear arms and started the build up again.

So the so-called war monger Reagan started nuclear arsenal reductions and the peace-loving Clinton restarted the nuclear arms build up. Somehow I don’t think the US or European media are going to let the public know about this.

I’m sure the media won’t present whom Pope John Paul II thought ended the Cold War. He believed that the one who ended the Cold war was Jesus Christ who showed the world mercy because of the prayers of many especially those who loved His mother and the teachings of Fatima.

We still need to pray for the conversion of Russia as well as the US. But, we mustn’t forget that the Christian martyrs in Islam and China also need our prayer.

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