Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter by Deborah Blum is a page turner. William James and the scientist who with him searched for life after death were heros. Blum's book shows how the “scientific community” refused to look at the evidence and blackballed any scientist who didn't have a Godless worldview.

James and his followers went where the evidence led them. Some like James still thought there was not enough evidence to prove life after death. But, they all moved away from the pure Darwinian materialism of the “scientific community” seeing the world as full of wonders unseen by those who refuse to look.

This said it is dangerous for mind and soul to get involved with occult phenomena. A more indept book with a Christian viewpoint on this subject was done by Father Alois Wiesinger, OCSO. It is called Occult Phenomena and can be purchased at Roman Catholic Books.

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