Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Was Muhammad Intolerant?

Was Muhammad Intolerant?

Robert Spencer in The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion claims that the violence and terrorism of the modern jihadists started with the Qur'an and Muhammad. One reviewer of the book thinks the text didn't realized that:

"[I]t is crucial today in order to turn the tide decisively against terrorism that Muslims categorically reject notions of religious absolutism that can be used to justify violations of modern international norms of human dignity and restraint on political violence."

According to Spenser this is exactly the problem. Muslims cannot reject violence without rejecting Muhammad. There is no hope for those who hold the Islamic holy books to be true. They cannot turn away from jihadism without betraying their basic text.

Pope Benedict believes there is hope for Islam. Pope expert George Weigel in God’s Choice, said the Pope thinks that Muslim reformers can find from their “authoritative text . . . that it is God’s will that we be tolerant of those who have different understandings of God’s will.”

I hope the Pope is right. Unforunatedly, my reading of current and past history teaches otherwise. I believe we need to pray for the conversion of Islam and the culture of death that controls the United States and Europe as we once prayed for the conversion of Russia.

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