Sunday, November 07, 2004

In Thanksgiving for Bush’s Victory: 60% OFF List Price, Plus Free Preview

In Thanksgiving for Bush’s Victory: 60% OFF List Price of Hidden Axis, Plus Free Preview

In thanksgiving for President Bush’s victory we will give you Hidden Axis for $4.99, which is 60% off’s $12.50 list price. Get a free Preview of Hidden Axis by "Search Inside the Book" at

Avg. Amazon Customer Review : 5 STARS

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Looking behind the facade
Reviewer: M. J. Ireland

Fred Martinez' book is worth reading for anyone willing to look behind the seductive facade of Clinton's politics to see what it masks. The book clarified why the country's moral fiber diminished under Clinton's administration and why it continues to do so through the supporters of similar politics. The book also provides information and research regarding pro-life; a solid reinforcement for those who are already pro-life and an important read for those who are ambivalent about pro-life and want to understand better its importance.

Shows why Clinton, CBS and Kerry fall into the big lie
Reviewer: Pro-lifer

The Hidden Axis of Evil lays out the reasons why the sex scandals happened as well as why abortion in America will remain unless the Nazi-like philosophy that guided the Clinton administration is known and defeated. This book shows why Clinton, CBS and Kerry keep falling into the big lie.

The crucible of the pro-resurrection Christ era
Reviewer: josephcecil

Martinez in his book makes a resounding statement to those who claim the culture war is over and sexual libertinism has won. In an era which has claimed victims in the countless numbers of both bodies and souls. These victims are not just faceless numbers but are a testament to a harmful pathology generated by individuals who lay at the feet of a Machiavellian, Nietzschean idol of the will of self.

Reviewer: G. Sudano

Fred Martinez's book tackles subjects with something that REAL concerned American's, and others, have been hungering and hoping for, for a long time-TRUTH.Would that Mr. Martinez could speak his views and knowledge on a prime time news show, a la CNN, PBS, CBS NBC, ABC, etc. It would probably wake up this sleeping corpse called the American Conscience.

Well Done!!!
Reviewer: Vu

I am very happy that this book was written. Please buy this book to save the unborn babies. The unborn babies saved by the programs in this book will become angels in heaven who will pray for you. They will reward you for your support in putting into action the battle plans in this book. God bless you. Have a good day. Lisa Nguyen

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To order The Hidden Axis, send check or money order for $12.50 (plus S & H of $3.99) or print out this ad and send with $4.99 (plus S & H of $3.99) to:

Viva Romance
PO Box 70482
Sunnyvale, Ca 94086

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Orders can be made by credit card at Free Preview of Hidden Axis by"Search Inside the Book" at Bookstores may order by calling Author House at 888-280-7715 or from Ingram (ISBN:1410746186). Media can get a review copy if they email


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