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What are CBS, ABC and NBC's Real Agenda?

For Immediate Release
What are CBS, ABC and NBC's Real Agenda?
On October 2, The Associated Press reported that NBC’s Tom Brokaw, ABC’s Peter Jennings showed support for CBS’ Dan Rather. Brokaw claimed that "What I think is highly inappropriate is what going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad." The AP report said "Brokaw blasted what he called an attempt to ‘demonize’ CBS and Rather on the Internet, where complaints about the report first surfaced. He said the criticism ‘goes well beyond any factual information.’"
What the NBC anchor said is not a true. In fact, CBS, ABC and NBC havebeen part of a jihad against the faith and moral beliefs of the majority of America.
After 9/11, the American media through marketing techniques presented Muslims as the victims of hate crimes. They used marketing techniques again when, after the Boston church scandal, they showed us images of sex abuse victims followed immediately byimages of priests in Roman collars.
The advertising plan was to associate all Catholicpriests with sex abuse, in order to destroy the Catholicfaith.
The networks wanted to make this into a "crisisof faith." This is why ABC anchorman Peter Jenningscould say, "There are those who argue that this maybe, in many respects, the beginning of the end of theclerical culture—in other words, the culture of thepriests and the bureaucracy running the priests."
The Muslim "victim images" showed us thenetworks’ marketing plan, which was to associateterrorism with only a small group outside the Islamicmainstream. This strategy is why ABC’s Jenningsdidn’t say something like "There are those who arguethat this may be, in many respects, the beginning of theend of the Islamic culture—in other words, the cultureof the Muslims and the bureaucracy running Islam."
Media Bias against Catholicism
Nor did the networks, after 9/11, come close tosaying what William Safire wrote in his column onOctober 2, 2001: "The suicide bombers weremotivated to mass murder by the false promise ofeternal joy after death, and it is up to Muslim clergy—who know their Koran and have special credibility—topublicly and repeatedly refute that cultishbrainwashing."
Why do the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual mediaviciously attack the one religion while giving the otherfair and even favorable coverage? It would seem thatboth religions would be attacked equally, since bothconsider abortion and homosexuality wrong.
The answer lies, in part, in the economic interestsof those who control the networks. They cannot affordto alienate the Islamic people of the Middle East, whohold much of the world’s oil and natural gas reservesupon which our economy depends. Catholics hold nosuch material strategic interest.
The Catholic Church does hold moral strategicinterests that concern the media. To find out whatthose moral concerns are, one only need look at theone Muslim that the media vilified as much as theCatholic priesthood—John Walker Lindh. The mediacovered up the psychological reason Lindh rejected theliberalism of his father (and the networks). He becamea Muslim when his dad divorced his mom to move inwith a homosexual.
Homosexuality is one of the causes the networkswill cover up and defend at any cost. They know theymust discredit the Catholic Church because if even asmall percentage of the Catholics in the United Statesreturned to the true faith and objective morality of theirreligion and voted accordingly, then the small marginsof victories by liberal politicians would be lost. Themedia’s homosexual agenda on the political frontwould be lost for another generation.
That is the reason why the "media elite" have repressed, for themost part, the unquestionable fact that the Catholicscandal is not about pedophilia; it’s abouthomosexuality.
CBS insider Bernard Goldberg, in his book Bias,compared the "media elite" to the "old Soviet Union"dictators as well as to Mafia bosses. The "NewsMafia," as Goldberg calls the media, let its "reporters"know that the regime will not allow dissidence againstits ally the gay movement. The crackdown ondissenters during the height of the Catholic scandalwas regional, national, and international:
· Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts shouted GeorgeWill down on ABC’s This Week when he tried toexplain that the vast majority of priest sexualabusers are homosexuals. NewsMax writer PhilBrennan said, "After three or four attempts to get aword in edgewise, Will gave up." ("Isn’t It Timefor a Backlash?", June 19, 2002)[]
· Pope John Paul II’s spokesman Dr. JoaquinNavarro-Valls in Rome was "greeted with a waveof protest." The Jewish World Review saidNavarro-Valls received this greeting because hemade the "link between homosexuality and sexualabuse by priests."
· Covering the Dallas bishops’ sex abuse conference,National Review’s online preview of its July 1,2002, issue said, "I’m hearing from inside presscircles that reporters, editors and producers don’twant to look at the gay issue. Michael S. Rose,author of Goodbye, Good Men [a book onhomosexual abuses within the church] is in Dallas.I spoke yesterday to a TV reporter who wants tointerview Rose about his findings, but whoreceived word from the top to stay away fromhim."
These are only a few cases of the mass media’sofficial suppression of the widely known fact that thevast majority of sex abusers are homosexuals. Cokie,Sam and their media accomplices are enforcingcensorship that echoes memories of Soviet Russia andNazi Germany.
Media Bias at Dallas Bishop Meetings
To get news at the time of the Dallas bishopsmeeting, reporters had to enter the underground worldof homosexual spin organizations through theirwebsites. For example, on June 15, the homosexual"information" group Gay & Lesbian Alliance AgainstDefamation (GLAAD) through its moles in the churchreported news that the mass media censored.
Homosexual activist Cathy Renna, writing forGLAAD’s website, said:
"We also learned more late last night about theanti-gay proposal offered by Bishop FabianBruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb. Bruskewitz’s"Amendment 27" would have stated that because the"current homosexual culture" was the root cause of thesex abuse crisis, the bishops would be required to forcestrict conformity with all church doctrines onsexuality. His proposal was soundly rejected on a voicevote, with a source inside the meeting telling me that itreceived only perhaps a half-dozen votes of support."
During a victory get-together, Renna said, she metwith "a number of familiar media faces" and AnneBarrett Doyle of the Coalition of Concerned Catholics,who is a member of the steering committee for the layreform movement Voice of the Faithful.
According to Renna, "Anne was one of the firstpeople I spoke with back in March when we werecultivating resources and contacts to offer mediaoutlets.… Seeing Anne at the cathedral brought tomind how far we’ve come in the past months."During those months, Cokie, Sam and the "NewsMafia" had censored George Will, Pope John Paul II’sspokesman, and the almost all conservativespokespersons in Dallas who attempted to report the"link between homosexuality and sexual abuse bypriests," which U.S. News & World Report detailedbefore the crackdown.
(To be fair, the crackdown had a momentary lapsewhen Fox News host Brit Hume drolly said thatallowing sex-abusing priests to marry wouldn’t help"unless you let them marry men or little boys.")
But for the most part, only gay-approved"Catholic" lay reform activists like Anne BarrettDoyle, who together with the gay movement workedfor months cultivating "resources and contacts to offermedia outlets," were allowed to fully present theirpolitical agenda as "news" at Dallas.
‘Catholic’ Lay Reform Activists
Not to be outdone by the gay movement’sGLAAD, Time magazine, in its June 17, 2002, issue,had its own "Catholic" lay reform activist, Mary JoBane, come forward to help the Church in its time ofneed. Bane said to Time that her "Catholic" layorganization and "power" plans were not "radical."However, according to attorney Gregory A.Hession, president of Family Legal Services, Bane is aradical. He said on his website:
"They hate family autonomy, parental authority,home schoolers, and church authority."This is not an exaggeration. Dr. Mary Jo Bane,[former president] Clinton’s Assistant Secretary ofAdministration for Children and Families in theDepartment of Health and Human Services, said, ‘Ifwe want to talk about equality of opportunity forchildren, then the fact that children are raised infamilies means there’s no equality.… In order to raisechildren with equality, we must take them away fromfamilies and communally raise them.’ Her federaldepartment is in charge of the national effort to moldstate DSS [Department of Social Services] departmentsinto their image.
"That is what the communists believe. Thefollowing statement issued at a congress of RussianCommunist Party educators in 1918 sounds like thecredo of the modern DSS agent."[]
This Clintonian bureaucratic mindset is probablywhy the media and certain bishops are promotingBane’s Hillary-like governmental ideas of centralizedtakeover of church and family autonomy and authority.The bishops in Dallas created an Office for Child andYouth Protection to promote "safe environments" forchildren. Some have noted that so-called governmental"safe schools" and "safe spaces" are used by gayactivists to promote homosexual agendas.
Some have joked that this is "an extension of thefull employment act for homosexual and liberalChurch bureaucrats." Some wonder if this is notanother way to attack the very ones who for twodecades have been fighting against homosexual sexabuse and other abuses in the Church—that is, thefaithful orthodox Catholic laity and priests.State Child Protection Services, under federal DSSagents, are notorious for taking children away fromparents without any proof or due process and usuallywith only anonymous accusations. With thehomosexual network inside the Church called the"Lavender Mafia" in control of many diocesebureaucracies, will orthodox laity and priests betargeted while homosexual sex abusers are protectedby their gay allies?
Homosexual Network within the Church
Many believe that the homosexual network withinthe Church protected the gay sex abusers at the Dallasmeeting. As the National Review’s Rod Dreher pointedout on June 13, 2002, "the need to avoid the ‘elephantin the sacristy [the fact that the vast majority of priestsex abusers are homosexuals],’ in Mary Eberstadt’smemorable phrase, is perhaps the only point on whichthe bishops and the media agree."
To this end, the bishops running the Dallasmeeting, according to the June 13, 2002 National Reviewarticle, had staged "briefings for the media on variousaspects of the abuse scandal" by psychiatric panelistssuch as the Rev. Canice Connors, the Rev. StephenRossetti and others with a pro-homosexual agenda.Connors is known among sex abuse victims for hispsychiatric and "spiritual assessment" of masspedophile Fr. John Geoghan. He wrote that "there areno particular recommendations concerning his spirituallife since he is involved in spiritual direction andseems to have a good prayer life."
While accepting psychiatric advice from the likesof Connors, the bishops in control of the meeting,however, refused the expertise of Catholic MedicalAssociation (CMA) psychiatrists, who are faithful tothe Church’s full teachings. The CMA considered so-calledexpert Rossetti’s advice to bishops as havinghelped create the sex abuse problem.
National Review’s Dreher said, "The Rev. StephenRossetti, current president of St. Luke’s,…is believedby some psychiatrists associated with the CatholicMedical Association to have been a big part of theproblem, owing to the advice he’s been giving bishops.Rossetti has most recently been downplaying the rolehomosexuality plays in the scandal."
American Psychiatric Association’s ‘LavenderMafia’
The "Lavender Mafia" (the homosexual networkwithin the Church) was probably the reason whyCMA’s psychiatrists were banned, wrote Dreher.According to psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, theAmerican Psychiatric Association (APA) had its own"Lavender Mafia" when it voted to "normalize"homosexuality in the early 1970s.
The non-scientific as well as non-democraticMarxist and Nazi strategy used by the "LavenderMafia" for its successful coup of the APA wasexplained by Satinover. The tactics used against theAPA in the normalization of homosexuality arepresented in his book Homosexuality and the Politicsof Truth. Rep. Robert Dornan of California, on thefloor of the House of Representatives, called the book"about the best book on homosexuality written in ourlifetime." (See Congressional Record, May 8, 1996.)
Satinover said that "the leadership of a homosexualfaction within the APA planned a ‘systematic effort todisrupt the annual meetings of the AmericanPsychiatric Association.’ They defended this methodof ‘influence’ on the grounds that the APA represented‘psychiatry as a social institution’ rather than ascientific body or professional guild."
As one can clearly see, the "News Mafia" and the"Lavender Mafia" do not respect either freedom ofspeech or scientific bodies. They have created theirown Iron Curtain, which is suppression of free speech.
The News Mafia–Lavender Mafia–DemocraticParty Axis
The Berlin Wall was the symbol of Marxistideology. Goldberg in his book Bias called ABC, NBCand CBS the three big "News Mafia" families. These"Big Three" are a large basis of the gay movement’spower. The "News Mafia" is the New Berlin Wall thatis even now starting to crumble, as did the Berlin Walland the "evil empire" that build that wall.
Like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The GulagArchipelago, Goldberg’s Bias is the beginning of theend for the new "evil empire." If talk radio and newssources like NewsMax continue to courageously fightthe bias and lies of the "Big Three," then they willcrumble as more and more viewers leave them.But even the "Big Three" are only stooges of TheNew York Times and The Washington Post. Goldbergsaid, "The problem is that so many TV journalistssimply don’t know how to think about certain issuesuntil The New York Times and The Washington Posttell them what to think. Those big, importantnewspapers set the agenda that network news peoplefollow."
The gay movement appears to hold the "newspaperof record," The New York Times, in bondage in moreways than one. NewsMax ran an article aboutAccuracy in Media’s Reed Irvine’s inquiry into theTimes’ bias. Irvine said that Times national politicalcorrespondent Richard Berke spoke at a gathering ofthe National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.Irvine said that Berke assured the homosexualgroup that the Times would remain very receptive tothe gay agenda because "three-fourths of those whoregularly attend the daily meetings that determine whatwill be on the front page of the Times the next morningare ‘not-so-closeted’ homosexuals."
Norman Mailer explains why this turning awayfrom and rejection of natural objective truths such asheterosexual sex can lead to a Nietzschean state ofaffairs.
The non-Catholic Mailer’s explanation needs to berepeated because he illustrates better than Catholicswhy their 20-centuries-old moral teaching that sexoutside its natural purpose in a marriage between aman and a woman is sinful:
"So, yes, [homosexuals] in prison strive to becomepart of the male population, and indeed—it is the ironyof homosexuality—try to take on the masculine powersof the man who enters them, even as the studs, if Genetis our accurate guide, become effeminate over theyears.… Heterosexual sex with contraception isbecome by this logic a form of sexual currency closerto the homosexual than the heterosexual, aclearinghouse for power, a market for psychic power inwhich the stronger will use the weaker, and the femalein the act, whether possessed of a vagina or phallus,will look to ingest or steal the masculine qualities ofthe dominator."
This totalitarian will to power and denial of naturalobjective truths may be the reason why Goldbergconsidered the media’s anti-conservative bias againstthe great "social" issues such as abortion andhomosexuality to be even greater than against the"Democrat-versus-Republican sort" of issues. He said,"Why were we doing PR for the AIDS lobby byspreading an epidemic of fear, telling our viewersabout how AIDS was about to break out intomainstream heterosexual America, which simply wasnot true?"
But even in this there is a political dimension.Former Delaware governor Pete du Pont pointed out ina Wall Street Journal article after the 2000 Bush-Gorepresidential race that when he compared maps, theadult video rental map and the map of the counties thatwent for Gore were the same.
E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Warsmagazine, said in the February 2001 issue:"If they want to survive as a party, the Republicanshave to understand first of all, how sexual liberation isa form of political control, and secondly, how theDemocrats increase their political power by mobilizingsexual deviance…things like pornography and itsscholastic variant, sex education, in addition toabortion and homosexuality.… Those who are stupidenough to identify themselves with their sexual vicescan always look to the Democratic Party and thedominant media culture as sympathetic to…guaranteehis bondage."
Soviet Republics of CBS, ABC and NBC
The next battle in this war for freedom against thegay-media axis is again in the Catholic Church. Thegay movement’s spin organization, GLAAD, hasalready pointed to the next battle:
"With the Apostolic Visitations of U.S. seminariesexpected to begin in August (and expected to last fortwo years), Dignity/USA and other church reformgroups are going to be monitoring to see whetherVatican leaders will quietly attempt to purge gay menfrom the priesthood. GLAAD will be working closelywith Dignity and our respective contacts inside thechurch to make sure the media are closely monitoringthe process and outcomes of these visitations."
Time’s May 20, 2002, issue in its preparation forthe apostolic visitation of U.S. seminaries showed itsstrategy by using words like "hate" and "scapegoat" tocolor faithful Catholics and the Church’s attempt touphold its 2,000-year-old moral teachings in its ownseminaries. The piece quoted a homosexual priestsaying, "We’re all sort of like Anne Frank’s family, upin the attic, waiting for the Nazis to come."
This is the same Soviet-Clinton strategy used onCBS insider Goldberg after he wrote about bias in themedia. The liberal Goldberg was ripped as a right-wingscoundrel by Dan Rather and other media elites, usingwords like "wacky charge," "weird," "bizarre" and"political activist" to discredit him and "divertattention" from the media elite’s bias.
This is just another example of why the dominantmedia represent one of the last bastions of suppressionof free speech within its own sovereign domain sincethe fall of the USSR. Goldberg was made, in his ownwords, a "nonperson" because he used hisconstitutional right of free speech to expose corruptionin the Soviet Republics of CBS, ABC and NBC.
As liberal Goldberg said, "I was pointing fingers atthe media elite, which only proved that I was the onewho had a bias problem. Wasn’t this what used tohappen—on a much scarier and devastating scale, forsure—in the old Soviet Union? A dissident says theelite are corrupt, so the elite throw him in the Gulagbecause his accusations prove beyond any doubt…thatthe dissident is insane."
Media Elite’s Soviet-Clinton Strategy against theCatholic Church
As in the case of Goldberg, the media elite’sSoviet-Clinton strategy against the Catholic Church isfalse.
Its strategy of using words like "Nazis," "hate" and"scapegoat" to color faithful Catholics and theChurch’s attempt to uphold 20 centuries of moralteachings in its own seminaries is ridiculous.It is also ironic, because the gay-media axis in factused these Nazi-Marxist tactics against Goldberg andthe American Psychiatric Association.
All persons who love freedom must be prepared tomonitor the gay-media axis’ spin and tactics of"influence" during the Vatican’s apostolic visitation ofU.S. seminaries.
If faithful Catholics and the Vatican’s attempt touphold its 2,000-year-old moral teachings in its ownseminaries can be terrorized by the same Marxist-Nazitactics used on the American Psychiatric Associationand Bernard Goldberg, what American organization orperson is safe?
Most of this article came from my book The Hidden Axis
To order The Hidden Axis, send check or money order for
$9.99 (plus S & H of $2.99) to:
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