Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Hidden Axis of Evil

The Hidden Axis of Evil

By W. J. Rayment

"The Hidden of Evil" explains the mind-set of the pro-abortion lobby and the tools used to manipulate the electorate into backing the abortionist agenda. As Fred Martinez points out, there is a vicious cycle. A person who has killed her child by abortion is more likely to continue to support the abortion agenda because she wants to justify her drastic past decisions. To become pro-life is to admit guilt.

This issue has inflamed modern Catholicism because it has personally touched so many members of the church. Like divorce, abortion is a fact conveniently side-stepped and often ignored by the American church, even while the Vatican continues to adhere to traditional values.

Beyond abortion, Fred Martinez takes on the issue of Gays in the priesthood. The American left-wing press has real problems of credibility on this issue because their agenda has been obvious for so long. For the left-wing media, established religion is anathema because of its stand on morality.

Moral relativism is the holy god of the left.

Free Preview of Fred Martinez's Hidden Axis by "Search Inside the Book" at amazon.com

If you want your children to grow up in a society that is safe, which doesn't kill unborn babies, promote Clintonian pornography or sexually abuse kids, then get Hidden Axis now for your children's sake! If you don't believe us, glance at the praise:

"[Special Commentary columnist for NewsMax during the Catholic scandal] Fred Martinez's book is important, no, necessary reading." - Ginny Hitchcock, National pro-life leader and longtime colleague of Fr. Paul Marx, "[T]horough piece of journalism."- Dale Ahlquist, EWTN host and American Chesterton Society President"[A] moral tour de force that is must reading ."- Chuck Morse, radio talk show host, WROL-Boston"[O]ne incredible, thought-provoking book."- Tony DiGirolamo, Executive Producer of the Culture Shock television show"[P]rofoundly important."- Dr. Pravin Thevathasan, Catholic Psychologist"[E]ye opener." -David Benrexi, Pro-life leader and head of Zephaniah Records"[V]ery interesting and necessary." - Hoang Vu, former psychology and literature professor at Taberd Institution College"[E]xtraordinary work."- Kelly Clark, The Lady In The Pew Web site"[C]onnects the dots." - Jim Holman, Publisher of San Diego News Notes, SF Faith and Los Angeles Mission"[A] must-read!" - W. J. Rayment, Founder and Editor of the Conservative Monitor "Thank you."- Carol McKinley, Faithful Voice"Remarkable."- Cathal Gallagher, Founder of Quo Vadis Theatre and playwright"[T]renchant expose." - James Likoudis, Catholic journalist "[V]ery rich and full of insights." - Rev. Fausto Zelaya, studied in Rome and ordained with a pontifical indult from Pope John Paul II (See more praise: www.theotokos.org.uk/pages/books/axisevil/axisevil.html . )

To order The Hidden Axis, send check or money order for $9.99 (plus S & H of $2.99) to:

Viva Romance
PO Box 70482
Sunnyvale, Ca 94086

Orders can be made by credit card at www.amazon.com orwww.BarnesandNoble.com. Free Preview of Hidden Axis by"Search Inside the Book" at amazon.com. Bookstores may order by callingAuthor House at 888-280-7715 or from Ingram (ISBN:1410746186). Media can get a review copy if they email mrtnzfred@aol.com

Good information on Catholic web voting:

A friend of mine in Boston posted the ITV dossier pdf on his website.Here is the link: http://www.gabrielmass.com/tmp/ITVCathVote.pdfGod bless


To order Inside the Vatican call 1-800-789-9494 or go to http://www.insidethevatican.com-- Please visit my website: http://www.petersvoice.com/mallon/index.htmlAND my new Blog! http://mallonsmedia.blogspot.com/


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