Friday, August 22, 2008

If McCain Wants to Lose... ::

If McCain Wants to Lose...

No, Tom Ridge's pro-choice credentials don't necessarily bother me. The pro-abortion candidate for the 1980 Republican nomination was Daddy Bush who, once he was picked for veep, changed overnight and named Clarence Thomas to the court as president. What bothers me is that Ridge is a Catholic pro-choicer which gives the finger to Catholic authenticists like myself who have fought the lonely fight... even within the malleable hierarchy of our church... for a strong stand on abortion. It would certify that Doug Kmiec, doing his damndest to elect Obama, just happens to favor another pro-abortion candidate while we favor one for vice president.

But you say, "you're a single issue guy." Right you are-but there are other disadvantages to Ridge besides his pro-abortionism. As a House member from Pennsylvania from 1984 to `88 he was more likely to oppose President Reagan's position on a given issue than be for it. "Congressional Quarterly" shows he was the most dovish of GOP members... supporting nuclear freeze. Imagine that: here we'd have a guy running for president (McCain) on a tough national security issue and his running mate was aligned with Walter F. Mondale and all the other libs on an issue that was the defining one separating the two parties in the Cold War.

As a House member he supported Reagan only 40% of the time... an incredibly low record.

This idea that Ridge can carry Pennsylvania. Utter nonsense. Although governor, he was never that popular there. As Bush's Homeland Security secretary he was the guy who told us first we were on green alert, orange alert, pink alert.


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