Friday, August 22, 2008

I have been variously trying to figure out Obama ::

Obama Lied on Born Live.

I have been variously trying to figure out Obama. Is he a pseudo-Marxist as his largely secret talk in San Francisco indicated... where he berated average people in Appalachia who didn't vote for him for "clinging" to religion in their poverty-paraphrasing religion the opium of the people dictum where Marx lachrymosely wails in behalf of the downtrodden who substitute God for material gains, a direct parallel? Or is he an empty suit? Now I have come to a conclusion. He has the fashionable, faculty room style with vacuous rhetoric emblematic of an empty suit, relying on his old socialist nostrums that make good phraseology rather than resorting to common sense economic and social concerns. That's why the kids think he's Bono.

So he's a combination of a lazy mind, cluttered with rhetoric rattling around in an empty head... indicative of the fact that he has written nothing o intellectual worth either from Harvard or in his formative community organizing years or introduced anything of significance in his few years in either the Illinois Assembly or the U.S. Senate. That's it: a vacant mind that insofar as it considers anything relies on socialist neo-Marxism; a religious outlook that is so relativistic as to make a Unitarian high church. And a tricky capacity to lie.

The lies come from his wriggling to get off the hook on Obama's support of Born Alive. He has claimed over and again that he would have supported the bill he strangled to death if it had contained language to protect abortion rights. Well once again he is a chronic and unmitigated liar. Now there's documentation that Obama DID vote against a version of Born Live that contained the very language that was contained in the U.S. Senate version before he got there, which so many of his Democratic colleagues including Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer supported and which was signed into law. In the state senate Judiciary committee, just before the roll-call vote that killed the bill, senators voted to amend it to include a "neutrality clause" identical to the one passed by the U.S. Senate.

That clause was copied from the federal version of the law and which contained the very language Obama claimed he needed in order to support the bill. It was killed by a 6 to 4 vote, Obama voting with the majority.

Verdict: Marxist-inclined, empty head, empty suit and liar.


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