Sunday, October 05, 2008

Democrats: Obama Used Voter Fraud to Beat Hillary with Media's Help

"Why would Texans who were caucusing for Hillary be locked out?? Obama never said anything about it, MSNBC and CNN didn't report it (but why would they....It would make THEIR candidate look bad!!!) Now if we switch the scenario...MSNBC and CNN would still be saying how unfair it was....Obamacrats would be crying sooooo much it would be pathetic.'

Friday, June 13, 2008
Why Obama's Little tricks won't work this November

OK, This Blog is gonna tell how Obama cheated in many Primaries, and How it won't happen in November, which means he has to play fair...which means he will loose...

But before I get started on that, I would like all Hillary supporter's and fan's to please go to and donate a few dollars to let Hillary know we have her back and that now, and forever. Help Hillary tell the DNC and Nobama NO DEAL!!!

And a second note...... I am beyond sick of Obama supporter's telling Me, If we as Hillary supporter's don't vote for Obama and he lose's then in 2012 they will not vote for Hillary.
This is coming from the younger people, because ALOT of people who voted for Obama will vote democrat no matter what. Hillary has supporter's which break party lines, Democrats, Independents, And Republicans...Obama can only get Half the democrats to go for him. So don't even pull that SHHHHH with me. You people who say this are 90% first time voter's, who can not even name 2 thing's he has done. You know you need Hillary supporter's so instead of coming to us gracefully, you threaten us to try to scare us.
Well get over yourself, why do we need you come 2012??? Hillary leads John McCain in a national poll, And John McCain leads Obama...... So stop with your idiotic threats. Either pay attention to current news or don't try to message me. I'm shaking and gonna cry because we have 3,000 college kid's and a bunch of first time voter's who think they know all about politics all of a sudden think their gonna give me the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal.

NOPE!!!! Not gonna happen. Please get this through your head.........Hillary not only has supporter's but Fans. Obama has supporters from the democratic party, Hillary branches out when it come to her support. Please stop trying to under mind us, because it's really pathetic. There's a reason Hillary won the popular vote..... And she would have had more vote's... I'm gonna explain right now...

yes Indeedy Hillary won the popular vote and there would have been more added to hers and less from what Obama really got.
Let's take a look back at the year Obama and his campaign screwed the Voter's. And why this November he can't pull the same crap.

Let's start with Texas!!! The Lonestar state, The people there are beyond cool and nice, and they were awfully pissed when they held their primary...why you ask????
Well it seems that hundred's upon Hundred's were purposely locked out of caucuses by who else...Obama's campaign and by his supporter's. The doors were only unlocked after the Caucuses were over. Hmmmm......Now why on earth would they do that? It seems very funny that for the general Primary Hillary Blew Obama out of the water, but in the Caucasus he won...not even by that much mind you...... Why would Texans who were caucusing for Hillary be locked out?? Obama never said anything about it, MSNBC and CNN didn't report it (but why would they....It would make THEIR candidate look bad!!!) Now if we switch the scenario...MSNBC and CNN would still be saying how unfair it was....Obamacrats would be crying sooooo much it would be pathetic. But nothing was done about this.....(go figure...why would the DNC step in and do anything) let's go on shall we???

Indiana.....Month's before their Primary, obama was supposed to "blow Hillary out of the water there, because it's right next to his home state of Ill."
Yet, she won.....BUT.... One town had "Trouble" Their mayor who was a MAJOR obama supporter said that ALL their Machienes were having trouble. But His people (yes again Obama supporters) were "fixing" the problem. No one was allowed into the offices where the tallying was going on, and after every city had their votes tallied...his city still "didn't have all the correct numbers"... And what do you know...Obama won there...hmmmmmmmmmm... Starting to see a pattern??

So far we have Hillary supporter's being Locked out of Caucasus, A mayor who was Pro Obama "Having trouble until 5 hours after every other city was done with their Tally's" and obama won that city by a huge margin.....

Now let's go to North Carolina........ Now Obama won this state by Big numbers, which was amazing.... yes he was supposed to win....But Polls showed that it wouldn't be by much. Then the next day there were report's from people who came out in droves and said "I was handed a Pre-made ballot and Obama's name was already on my ballot, and I was told I HAD to use this ballot" and when many complained and said they wanted a new ballot they were told "you either use this one, or you have to leave" ..............WOW....... So alot of people who wanted to actually take their time and vote, to be apart of one of the greatest process that you can be apart of in this country...were flatly denied....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Weird....

Now let's go to Oregon..... (this one kinda ticks me off)
Unlike most states, Oregon is a state where you send your ballot in the mail. You don't vote in polling places like most of the United States does.... Yet a very weird thing Occured. Mr. Obama (who won that state) Had vote's coming from dilapidated apartment building's. Vote's coming from apartment's which no one has lived in for over 20 years. Some of these building's are beyond the point of decay...yet I'm guessing a ghost must have thought Obama would be a great leader. because even tho some of these places were condemned vote's mysteriously came from there. A few of the address's would have been right in the middle of the free-way. But yup, apparently there's an invisible house in which car's can pass through....because vote's came from there also.

Now let's forward to november......... A big majority of Obama voters are first time voters, so this message is to you. Obama cheated.....the facts are their. There were Obama supporters in Voting booth's helping out. which is not allowed. That was for the primary. But in the general election. All these little tricks Obama and his supporters played will not happen. The republicans are beyond wise to these little tricks and they will make sure that at EVERY polling place no supporters are going in unless it's to vote..then they will go right back out. There is NO locking anyone out from voting, there is no mail in vote and there will be no pre made ballot. There will be government officials there to make sure none of these thing's happen. If you think for one nano second that Karl rove and the GOP will let even one tiny little obama sign in a polling place, think again. Hillary's campaign in a way let all that stuff slide.. But republicans are way different.

No one will be locked out at all. No supporter's will be "assisting" voter's. No pre-made ballot slips will be made out and given to anyone.

Obama has to play fair now. Also remember Obamacrats.... When you all cheered about Florida and Michigan only being counted as half a vote..... Those states will remember your applause of them being counted as only half, and place a full vote against Obama.

You guy's were pampered during this whole primary from the DNC, the whole way to the Media. But now come November the DNC can't hold Obama's hand and give him delegates for being the little media darling. The Media can't switch the Minds of Hillary supporter's who have already heard their jibberish...... Obama has to play fair. So just be warned, come November no one is gonna hold Obamas hand.... no ones gonna be able to work for him in the polling places.
He has to TRY to win on what he promises in his campaign.....By the way what does he promise?

Honestly.......... If you take his speech away Take away the Hope and Change thing.... and the whole "Yes we can" speech.............. what is he left with?? um.......Nothing. And that's exactly the reason I am one of 18,000,000 Hillary voter's who will vote against him


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