Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Very Soft Obama would feel Threatened by" Hillary ::

A Weak Presidency?

It is now perceived by many... including Democratic friends of mine... that Barack Obama may have made the fateful mistake of the campaign by failing to choose Hillary Clinton for vice president despite her winning 18 million votes... almost tying Obama. The reason given by Obama spokesmen off the record is that a President Obama would be distracted by a Vice President Hillary Clinton and an ex-President Bill Clinton padding around the White House. If so, this tells more about the president Obama would be than his advocates wish.

A president who is in charge should not have to worry about a vice president who is not in synch if the president is determined to run a tight ship. Lyndon Johnson was the most officious and power-mad official in modern times when Senate majority leader. As vice president who was not warmly received by the Kennedys, he was emasculated to the point that he was reduced to crying... literally... on the phone to Texas Congressman Albert Thomas that he-Johnson-was treated as an outcast, a person of no influence and who feared he would be dropped in 1964.

The second most officious person in modern politics was someone I knew very well-Hubert Humphrey. Once LBJ got wind of the fact that Hubert was not on his wavelength on Vietnam, Johnson cut off his water and did not include him in the Tuesday luncheons where the key foreign policy decisions were made. So far as Bill Clinton is concerned, all a president has to do about an ex- is to issue an order that he is not to have an office in the White House and is not to use vice presidential offices as his own-period.

It's my guess that the failure to add Hillary to the ticket even risking a loss in November, stemmed less from jealousy than worry that a very-very soft Obama would feel threatened by her and her husband-which tells us much about the wispy poetical presidential candidate who may turn out to be the worst choice a racially guilt-ridden, 1960s radic-lib addle pated, lovesick-puppy party could have made.

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