Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Defeat Shows Power of New and Alternative Media

Richard Viguerie: Bailout Defeat Shows Power of New and Alternative Media and is Evidence of 'A Permanent Shift in Power from the Establishment to the People'
MANASSAS, Virginia, September 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- The defeat of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout "shows the power of the New and Alternative Media," said Richard A. Viguerie, the Chairman of "It is the clearest evidence yet of a shift in power from the Washington/Wall Street establishment to the American people."

He noted, "Just last year, the people rose up to defeat amnesty for illegal aliens. Now they have risen up to defeat this monstrosity. Not in the last 50 years has the establishment had two such massive defeats so close together. I believe that the Internet, talk radio, direct mail, and cable news have changed American politics forever."

"The bailout had the support of every power-broker and special-interest lobbyist in Washington; it had the support of virtually every fat cat campaign contributor; it had the support of the mainstream media, who told us ad nauseam that everyone - everyone! - supported a bailout.

"John McCain missed a major opportunity to be a hero to grassroots Americans. His lack of leadership, combined with his support of this socialist bailout of a corrupt and incompetent establishment, has done damage to him politically.

"Today, the people are using the New and Alternative Media to educate themselves, organize themselves, and let their voices be heard.

"At the grassroots level, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, and liberals were all disappointed by their political leaders. Because of a leadership vacuum, there is a tremendous opportunity for new leaders to present themselves - leaders unburdened by ties to the Big Government and Big Business interests that got us into the current mess.

"The bailout defeat, on the heels of the amnesty defeat, signifies the dawn of a new day in American politics," Viguerie said.

"Everyone acknowledges something must be done with the financial situation, but the bailout bill was not what Americans wanted. After the vote in the House, I looked out my window and the sky had not fallen, so America indeed has yet another day to resolve this mess." Viguerie said.

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