Sunday, September 28, 2008

Liberals on Debate: Obama has "Effete Inauthentic Warrior Stench of Dukakis, Kerry and Gore"

Anonymous said...
You said it. I absolutely agree. Obama might have all the right ideas but if he can't connect with the common man, he's going to be the next Dukakis/Kerry. Obama sounded like he was giving a grad school lecture and McCain sounded like your uncle telling stories at Thanksgiving dinner. Can Obama turn it around? There's still time, plus there's still time for plenty of bad news about GOP misdeeds. But Obama has to change his strategy or it's over.

September 27, 2008
Fonzi said...

I agree.

I wouldn't say McCain was exactly charismatic, but I think he won, and Obama lost, because, as usual, the Republicans controlled and framed the message, which is why they always win.

There was no progressive message there. It was right-wing and Obama trying to supplicate to the right-wing.

Ironically, if Obama had stuck to being primary Obama and stayed with a message of change, and demonstrated a very progressive foreign policy vision, he would have creamed.

I think you can be progressive and still be hawkish and pro-American, like JFK.

Unfortunately, Obama has the same effete inauthentic warrior stench of Dukakis, Kerry and Gore.

American presidents need to be testicular, but they also have to be wise.

I don't agree with McCain on policy, but he came across as testicular and wise. Obama didn't.


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