Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our China Policy is Influenced by Men who are “Profiteering” by China Trade

Why do Kissinger and his Friends Love Marxist China?

Steve Mosher in “Hegemon: China's Plan to Dominate Asia and the World “ says that the Chinese Marxist rulers have won over that nation’s majority and the young with nationalist plans to “dominate” Asia then the rest of the earth including the US.

This is the reason that China has had more border conflicts than even the Moslem states more the last few decades. In the long-run Chinese Marxism under the cloak of nationalism may be more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.

The book claims the only way we can stop China from its goal of an empire is containing it as we did USSR. Mosher believes that the US must first “acknowledge the realities of Chinese aims, and then [constrain] the modernization” it’s military technology.

China's recent anti-satellite missile strike as well as it’s stonewalling afterwards shows the Chinese military is not only modernizing, but preparing to take on the US military technology.

Elizabeth Economy, director of Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, sums up the problem with the “preaching the gospel of the country's peaceful rise.”Economy says:

“The missile strike also underscores perhaps the greatest challenge of China's rise as a global power: The lack of transparency, official accountability and rule of law that defines China on the domestic front plays poorly on the international stage. Chinese leaders' inability to be forthcoming on matters of international importance -- whether SARS, the Harbin pollution disaster or this missile strike -- erodes whatever goodwill and trust they earn from their tireless sojourns abroad.”

What is scary is the fact that our China policy is influenced by men who are “profiteering” by China trade. According to Mosher it “is a scandal most former secretaries of (beginning with Henry Kissinger [including President Reagan’s Alexander Haig] ) . . . have gone into the China trade subsequent to their government service.”

China apologist Kissinger to his eternal shame, only weeks after the Tiananmen mass murder by the Marxist government, said:

“No government in the world would have tolerated having the main square of its capital occupied for eight weeks by tens of thousands of demonstrators who blocked the area in front of the main government building.”

It is Kissinger and friends who are still “preaching the gospel of China’s peaceful rise” after the missile strike as well as the continuing human right violations against Christians and other minorities.


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