Sunday, August 03, 2008

"I don't Care if you Prove that [Clinton] Raped a Woman" ::
Personal Aside: Ted Stevens' Indictment Welcome Enema for the Body Politic.

Posted: 31 Jul 2008 08:09 AM PDT

Sorry to be graphic but the indictment of Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens by a federal grand jury is a necessary tubular insertion to provide a much needed enema to the infected body politic. Let them now turn the spigot and proceed with the full flushing. The purification will recompense partly for far more than the making of alleged false statements to conceal gifts and home renovations.

Such physic would blast out the moral debris accumulated long ago, by his arrogant defense of the status quo when the late Henry J. Hyde brought charges of Bill Clinton impeachment to the Senate. Meeting with hollow man Republican "leader" Trent Lott and others, Stevens told Hyde and House Judiciary chief counsel David Schippers:

"I don't care if you prove that [Clinton] raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead-you are not going to get sixty-seven votes."

The meaning was clear to Schippers and Hyde. It was not just a note-counting assessment. It signified that Stevens would artfully do all he could to save Clinton. To cover his tracks, Stevens voted against the charge of perjury (when Clinton's lying under oath was apparent) but voted to convict on the far lesser charge... obstruction of justice... so as to justify himself on a talking point while working behind the scenes in his serpentine way to save the obviously guilty president. In doing so he cooperated in the charade of some key Senate members never bothering to examine the evidence because they simply didn't want to know, resulting in culpable cooperation with others to balock criminal offenses. In doing so, Stevens played a decisive role as a senior Republican senator in purveying the snarl of sophistry and manipulation of public opinion, soiling his honor, the Senate's reputation and public trust in the presidency.


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