Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Please Pray for John Mallon. He is an Honorable man and a Good Catholic.

I got this email today. Please pray for John Mallon. He is an honorable man and a good Catholic.


Dear Friends,

A personal matter. I need a miracle. I ask for prayers. One of my worst “green martyrdom” nightmares has come true. I received a letter from the bank today that unless I come up with $10,404.32 by the middle of March I will lose my home. I am not asking for that money as I know few on this list can afford much. (But donations are gratefully welcomed, as always at PayPal button on my website: http://johnmallon.net !) There is nowhere I could live as cheaply.

I will however, state without flinching that I am in this position because of my fidelity to Christ and his Church, and that it was clergy members who forced me into this position. Some will scoff at this (the clergy involved certainly will, this is no doubt a victory for them) but no matter.

I knew the terms when I signed on to follow Christ. I have accepted the trauma and the poverty willingly as the cost of following Christ in today’s world and today’s Church. I knew then that martyrdom is a genuine possibility for anyone attempting to do this in this day and age, but the truth is worth losing all for. It hasn’t come to that yet. (I have yet to receive death threats as some priests have from other priests, if they threaten to blow the whistle on them and their evil doings). But I really don’t want to lose my home!

Some reading this will be incredulous thinking I’m overly dramatic at best or weak. I gave up trying to explain to those who don’t understand the terms of our cultural battle long ago. Others of you will understand. I should add that I have even had people in the “orthodox” camp close doors on me when I was in need, who could have easily helped me with work, etc. They don’t understand... Yet. God bless them.

So I share my dilemma with you, my friends in the Body of Christ, asking your prayers for a solution, as I leave it in the hands of God to direct me to His will.

Thank you,
In Christ,


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