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Hillary's Lesbian Mafia vs. Obama's Gay Mafia

Yesterday, Michael Savage said a source told him that Hillary was getting much of her campaign money from lesbian groups while Obama was getting his funding from male homosexual groups. It's the Lesbian Mafia vs. the Gay Mafia.


"Obama and Clinton must explain to us forthwith why they so thoroughly diss God’s Rights by fighting hard to protect Roe & Doe via Supreme Court nominations when they are free, as believers in God, to choose not to do so."

Obama, Clinton unfit for presidency by dissing God & betraying Civilization

By William F. Folger

Feb 12, 2008

In June 2006, Sen. Barack Obama revealed in a Keynote Address how stung he felt in his 2004 bid for the U.S. Senate. Opponent Alan Keyes had said “Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama ..because.. Obama has behaved in a way that it is inconceivable for Christ to have behaved." Being up 40 points on Keyes, the cushion allowed Barack a weak retort, back then. But later, Obama admitted that it literally nagged at him.

Two tendencies work hand in hand: dissing God at home makes betraying Civilization in ‘far-away’ Middle East easier. But first we review Sens. Obama’s and Clinton’s relationship with Jesus, based on their public record of disrespect for Him.

The “no religious test” clause in the Constitution does not apply once a candidate runs for office. One obvious reason is that voting for someone for office involves TRUST.

What kind of believer would trust anyone who systematically disses God’s Rights? Being willing to do that to God, they will bring advisers, programs and legislation to diss our rights. We have seen such boldness in Canada and in the wording of some proposed U.S. legislation.

In 2006, presidential-2008 was fairly remote. Obama was secure in the Senate and few had noticed Barack’s several inadvertent self-disclosures from his own pen, as he focused on putting down Alan Keyes’ charges and began to hone a get-past-religion path to the Whitehouse. His Keynote speech should be studied asap by every God-respecting Christian:

On Saturday night in his caucuses’ victory speech from Virginia, Sen. Obama said this election wasn’t about religion. Nothing in 2008 could be farther from the truth.

Evidently, Sen. Obama thought he had neatly put his nagging 2004 problem to rest with his Keynote recollection of a victorious U.S. Senate campaign which ‘overcame’ Keyes charge that “Mr. Obama says he's a Christian, but supports the destruction of innocent and sacred life.”

Blind to future consequences from such a rosy recollection, Obama shifted the focus for his audience, thus: “Now, my dilemma was by no means unique. In a way, it reflected the broader debate we've been having in this country for the last thirty years over the role of religion in politics.”

He continued: conservatives are “consistently reminding evangelical Christians that Democrats disrespect their values and dislike their Church …” [emphasis added]

Sen. Obama did not realize the full significance of his acknowledging the serious impact of disrespect in interactions with others. When that special “OTHER” is God-Man Jesus, Barack Obama, via supporting “pro-choice” and pro-Roe Justices and Judges, greatly disses Jesus Christ by facilitating destruction of Jesus’ Personal Property: every fetal creation from zygote to full term and every IVF embryo, frozen or not.

Similarly for Christian Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Obama sometimes likes to say he trusts the woman in “need” of abortion to make the right decision; Planned Parenthood speaks similarly emphasizing it’s the woman’s choice. However, Obama remains the willing legislative facilitator.

Indeed both Obama and Clinton need to ponder St. John 1:3 which affirms that the Word, God-Man Jesus, is inextricably involved in creating all things and therefore all fetal life, all of it being Jesus’ Personal Property and not the state’s property. The new life is the parents’ responsibility not their property.

Obama and Clinton must explain to us forthwith why they so thoroughly diss God’s Rights by fighting hard to protect Roe & Doe via Supreme Court nominations when they are free, as believers in God, to choose not to do so.

The blatancy of their dissing is most evident in Barack’s and Hillary’s support of execution-style Partial Birth Abortion. One observes that it is their own legislative records and speeches which accuse them of dissing God’s Rights over His Personal Property.

A valid response cannot be that “constitutional principles tie [their] hands”, though that is something Obama, in his Keynote, states can be a typical democratic response! Were constitutional principles able to tie legislators’ hands, pro-life legislators would be in legal trouble for their proposals, nominations and abortion-limiting legislation.

Such Obama / Clinton claims are non-sequiturs relative to the U.S. Constitution.

With those two believers in Jesus hiding behind their imaginary constitution in order to shield themselves from historic, holocaust-sized shame for supporting baby killing abortion – such evidence goes to character. There is no escaping that because nothing rational except seeking constituent-based job security explains ‘believers’’ going out of their way to facilitate killing God’s Personal Property.

There is no escape when Obama gives the following description of his conversion in his Keynote: “But kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side [Chicago], I felt that I heard God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth.”

Yet Sen. Obama seems annoyed in his Keynote that Alan Keyes could know certain truths. If Obama hopes to discover truth, just maybe Keyes already discovered some very basic truths.

Obama on Keyes: “But what they didn't understand, however, was that I had to take Mr. Keyes seriously, for he claimed to speak for my religion, and my God. He claimed knowledge of certain truths.” [emphasis added]

Mr. Keyes is Catholic; he ought to know certain truths as they were handed down from apostolic times, long before Obama discovered Christianity. One such truth is Romans 3:8 – do no evil that good may come from it.

This truth charges Obama & Clinton. Indeed the Democrats’ public legislative records and speeches charge them with dissing God personally and as a Political Party, not this writer who mainly observes. Obama and Clinton can’t blame observers for their own abominable records.

What their hiding shows is that they truly do not respect God above all others and all things. Even their claiming women need the abortion option in their lives reveals yet another insult to God by implying that God makes women “need” abortion as part of living out their lives on earth. Then God “accepts” the killing of His own children?

That would mock God, imputing facilitation of evil in His very design of the true needs of mankind. Respecters of God’s Rights do not think or act like Sens. Obama & Clinton. Perhaps those Senators honor only the god of pluralism, ignoring our country’s Christian heritage and Declaration of Independence. Any claim that Obama truly believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ is obscured by his actions.

Search Obama’s Keynote in vain for mention of God’s Rights; similarly for Clinton’s writings. God’s Rights are foreign to them even when they praise Jesus by name as Barack recently did in Idaho. And in debate, Hillary asserted every child has the right to reach his/her “God-given potential” – if they escape being killed by abortion we might add.

We are to trust such people with governing us? Obama & Clinton will take America down because both show they pay no heed whatsoever to the psalm-like thought “unless God build the house they labor in vain that build it.” On Saturday, Sen. Obama spoke even of transforming the World; how can one who does not respect God do that?

In his victory speech Obama vigorously stated he looked forward to debating Sen. McCain on foreign policies. That means Sen. Obama feels prepared.

Before that debate, however, since these candidates’ characters are now an issue on fetal life matters, we insist Obama first debate - in the context of both Parties' fetal-life records - either Sen. McCain or Gov. Huckabee, on Respect for God’s Rights and Jesus’ Personal Property versus the political choice to facilitate abortion.

The latter choice is anti-Christ because Jesus owns His new children. Gov. Huckabee is prepared to debate right now, just as he is.

When Republican nominees finally face their Democratic opponents in debate, they have a distinct advantage: Democratic anti-life records are an Abyss worse than any defects in the mostly-pro-life Republican records. Such enormous separation means that even imperfectly pro-life Republicans need not fear debate with Democrats on fetal-life issues.

However, that advantage helps only if Republicans are wise enough to openly support Respect God’s Rights which is consistent with the Republican Platform. Below is a URL which is very revealing of a “GIFT” the Democrats unwittingly gave to Republicans near the end of the 2006 campaign in a U.S. Senatorial race in Tennessee.
There are two short videos giving Democrat Harold Ford’s actual words leading to the Democrats’ error in campaigning with an idea from Ford’s Campaign Chairman Lincoln Davis. Davis’ idea didn’t work for them in the race against Republican Bob Corker, the winning Senator.

Since no one, anywhere, had been schooled in Respect God’s Rights thinking to guide strategy, Chairman Lincoln Davis decided that Democrats compared more favorably with Republicans on the basis of which Party LOVED God more. Davis and Ford conceded that both Parties feared God.

However, Love for God is rather hard to evaluate since subjective factors can’t be reliably measured or even measured at all in many cases. “Love” doesn’t directly show in the legislative record. In strong contrast, Respect for God and God’s Rights (or absence of same) jumps out of the legislative wording itself.

The mistake made by the Democrats became a GIFT because, once their proposal to use Love had to be dropped, what remained was the comparison of the public records. On that basis Republicans win, hands down! Republicans do not have to be perfect to debate and beat the Democrats.

The spiritual factor forgotten by the Democrats was and still is in 2008, that “fear of God” in the biblical sense is principally one of sincere awe, true reverence and profound respect with some servile fear because God will justly punish. But the “fear factor” does not outweigh the others.

Hence, the Democrats’ desire for one-upmanship on Republicans backfired, now benefiting Republicans if only they are wise enough to use the unintended GIFT.

The FOX video (lower video) shows Corker also unaware of the advantage because Pro-Life Strategy of 35 years has been almost exclusively “Respect Life”, leaving no one in power aware of the other face -- “Respect God” -- of the ONE Coin of Life. An upper video on Ford’s talking about Davis’ idea has better audio and more detail by Ford.

The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) had been asked to get behind Respect God’s Rights Pro-Life Strategy. Though it was hoped they would show support in the special Bulletin Insert they prepared last November for 2008, the result is very disappointing; a more detailed report on this problem will be forthcoming in near future. There is no competition between the two faces of the Coin of Life, only much needed complementarity which better serves the babies on Death Roe.

In this historic election it may be that other denominations will improve Pro-Life Strategy with the Respect God’s Rights approach, instead of American Catholic Bishops. Respect Life, alone, should be enough because God Commands it. However, because we are dealing with humans, higher motivators are needed especially when early fetal life is doubted to be a person.

The strength and beauty of the Respect God’s Rights approach is that in the face of such natural doubts about early personhood, we who want our personal property respected then more easily develop natural empathy with Jesus who we know wants HIS Personal Property protected. There is no magic bullet implied. Instead, it just makes sense to use 100 % of the spiritual arsenal in a holocaust of 35 years and counting.

Barack Obama knows well why he said on Saturday this campaign is not about religion. He can’t withstand examination on one of the most basic elements in one’s relationship with Jesus: respect (or its absence) for Christ as shown in Barack’s actions and record.

Though McCain is currently weak on destructive embryonic stem cell research, he will not choose to continue to disrespect God on that – and for noble reasons once he broadens his former thinking to include God’s Rights. Had McCain been hardened like Obama and Clinton - re the more common abortions - he could be said to diss God. However, McCain is not similarly hardened.

So, even now, McCain is far ahead of Obama & Hillary on the other aspects of pro-life. Hence he’s equipped well enough to beat them in debate though not likely to win in a close November race if he continues disrespect on embryonic cells.

The reason is simple: MANY serious pro-lifers will either not vote or will vote for a write-in or 3rd party candidate, despite their duty to evaluate imperfect candidates via the “limit the evil” process our Bishops should have put in their Insert.

IF McCain reads what is happening with ordinary pro-lifers as something that will go away -- as one recent comment seemed to indicate --he is very likely to lose a close election. Enthusiasm for grassroots campaigning and for getting out the vote on Nov. 7 will be seriously damped.

Finally, those who disrespect God severely on an ongoing basis can’t be trusted to protect Civilization in the Middle East for they display no wisdom before the Lord of Life. Their lack of wisdom leads to betrayal of regional civilization.

Sen. Obama took a low risk, opposition path in going against the war. He traps himself now by having to look for an outcome that ‘proves’ he was right. What he says from now on will be heard by calculating jihadists determined to make Obama look good for electing. If the war had gone smoothly from the start, his wrong estimate would later only be read as “understandable” for the complex context and be forgotten in the blessings of clear victory for Iraqis.

Anything short of Iraq's solving all its political problems right now, Sen. Obama and Nancy Pelosi will call a failure. Neither show good judgment in the face of radical Islam and most grave danger to Civilization in the region. Those who truly respect God are not so presumptuous about the region’s future.
Respect God’s Rights as Creator and Lord,

Copyright by William F. Folger


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