Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is Ann Coulter Joining the Gay Mafia?

Ann Coulter just endorses Hillary over McCain. McCain is not solidly pro-life or pro-family, but Hillary is more committed to the gay agenda than Obama.

Is more committed to killing unborn babies than Obama. Send "secret police" against women sexually abused by her husband according to ex-Clinton friend Dick Morris.

Hillary's gay agenda extremism and desire to kill unborn babies by contrast makes wishy washy McCain seem solidly pro-life and pro-family.

Vote for Huckabee the only real pro-family canidate who has a chance.

Ann Coulter is a sad joke.


PS- McCain still has LESS THAN 100 DELEGATES of the nearly 1,200 (1,191) needed for the nomination !!!
Fla. win cements McCain's front-runner status

McCain - 93 delegates ( 8% of the total of 1,191 needed to be nominated )
Romney - 59 delegates ( 5% of the total of 1,191 needed to be nominated )
Huckabee - 40 delegates ( 3% of the total of 1,191 needed to be nominated )
Paul - 4 delegates
Giuliani - 1 delegate

Ann Coulter Endorses Hillary over McCain
By David Knowles
Feb 1st 2008 8:09AM
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If you were watching "Hannity and Colmes" last night, you might still be scratching your head. Their guest was Ann Coulter, and she treated the television audience to a new benchmark in "conservative" posturing. No, she wasn't offering her usual schtick against liberals. What threw the hosts for an utter loop was her unexpected embrace of Hillary Clinton. Just how much does she, like Rush Limbaugh, hate John McCain? By way of comparison between him and Hillary Clinton, Ann said the following:

"She's more conservative that he is."


"I will campaign for her if it's McCain."


"She lies less than John McCain. She's smarter than John McCain."

I know. You think I'm making it up, or somehow taking her words out of context. Here's the video.

These are sad times for conservatives. They're being crushed by the Dems in the money game. They hate their candidates. The situation in Iraq shows signs of another downturn. The economy sucks. No wonder pundits like Coulter are looking for plan B.

Still, for someone like Coulter, who supports Mitt Romney, to say that her best second choice isn't fellow Republican John McCain, but Hillary Clinton... now that's a leap. Yesterday, our own Eric Schulzke penned a hate note to John McCain on the board titled, "John McCain: Straight Talker or Serial Liar." Which brings us to Pajamas Media's John Cole who wonders what the many of us are thinking:

"It sure would be nice to think that the base of the dwindling GOP is not as batsh**t insane as the nutters at NRO, Red State, etc., but I have not seen much evidence of it. The thing that needs to be said, over and over, though, is that Rush Limbaugh and those guys simply aren't conservatives. They just aren't. Radically restructuring government to create an unaccountable executive is not conservative. Building a security apparatus that is designed to spy on citizens is not a conservative principle. Runaway spending and bloated budgets are not conservative ideas. Torture and permanent aggressive wars are not conservative principles. Fearmongering and keeping the electorate scared is not a conservative principle. And on and on."

Yes, McCain presents a dilemma for the GOP hard-liners. But by the all or nothing binary equations they demand 'true conservatives" follow, who doesn't?[]


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