Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Huckabee is the Only Presidential Candidate to take the Pledge to Build the Border Fence"

Why I May Not Vote in the 2008 General Election
By convinced1972
Date Jan 22

I found out after I voted for President Bush in 2004 that I had voted for the lesser of 2 evils when President Bush gave his speech on Amnesty for Illegals.

From that point I vowed I would never vote for the lesser of 2 evils again.

So, I looked at all the candidates and I chose to vote in the Primary Election for Duncan Hunter.

Hunter is strong on the borders, Hunter is strong on National Defense, Hunter is strong on killing these bad trade deals that have made America a huge “Service Industry.” Hunter wanted to offer Health Insurance to be bought across state lines because he like Reagan knew that competition would drive down the cost.

I saw a media blackout like no other with Hunter. I was born in 1972 but I don’t recall anyone being blacked out by the media from 1980 to 2004. Even Nader wasn’t blacked out by the media.

I won’t vote for John McCain because of his Kennedy-Bush Amnesty bill and I won’t vote for him because of his Feinstein bill.

I won’t vote for Romney because he changed positions on Abortion, Guns, and Marriage just before he announced his candidacy. Also, Romney started Bain Capital Corp which was a spin off of Bain and Co. Bain Capital is going to sell an American Defense Contractor to Huawei which is a Chinese company that supplies the Chinese Military. Huawei is also a company that supplied Saddam Hussein with air defense to defend against the “NO-FLY Zone” that American pilots were patrolling.

Now, Romney has the obligation, “If he truly loves America” to go back to the Corporation that he doesn’t own but has a healthy retirement from plus has donated to his campaign to stop the sale of 3Com to the Chinese company.

“The FEC statement shows that Romney has a portfolio that includes a wide range of investments, from hedge funds to real estate to blue chip stocks to holdings in foreign companies, and that he continues to earn millions from a retirement deal with Bain Capital, the venture firm he started in 1984 and left in 1999. And it shows that he has plenty of cash on hand — one of his joint checking accounts holds between $5 million and $25 million, according to the filings.”

“The Romneys’ assets are held primarily in blind trusts, which are controlled by R. Bradford Malt, a partner at Ropes & Gray and chairman of the firm’s investment management company, with the guidance of an investment adviser at Goldman Sachs.”

“Earlier this year, Romney played down any lingering connection after The Associated Press reported Bain Capital and Bain & Co., the management consulting firm where Romney used to work, had links to Iranian business interests or deals despite Romney’s campaign-trail call for state pension funds to divest from Iran. At the time, a spokesman highlighted Romney’s 1999 resignation from Bain, while Romney himself said his divestment call applied only to future activity, not past dealings.”- North Carolina Times

“A notation in Romney’s filing, however, says that his Bain investments have been in his and his wife’s blind trusts and that “neither Mr. Romney nor Mrs. Romney has had any control over the assets acquired or disposed of” since January 2003.”-North Carolina Times

“A note in the report also states that Romney asked for Bain’s underlying holdings, but, like other funds in his blind trust, the fund managers said the information was confidential and declined to provide it.”-North Carolina Times

Huckabee is pro-amnesty like McCain and Huckabee raised taxes. Though Huckabee is the only Presidential candidate to take the pledge to build the border fence for Numbers USA. Huckabee is also from Hope, Arkansas and I recall another President coming from there.

Guiliani is anti-gun, and he essentially gave Amnesty to illegals in NYC. I find it amazing that Guiliani said the Government wouldn’t do anything so what was he to do. Yet, Guiliani has never been blacked out by the media.

Finally, Paul has great ideas on domestic issues for America. With that being said, he’s horrible on Foreign Policy issues.

He wants to pull our military from around the world and not defend the defenseless. This is precisely why I can’t support him because I know the Marine Corps is on Okinawa and Japan because if we weren’t the Chinese would have overran the Japanese long ago.

Also, Paul is wrong about Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Nowhere in our “Law of the Land” document does it say Congress must formally declare war. I would like the Paul supporters to take my challenge. Do a search for “December 8, 1801 Thomas Jefferson.” Then you will understand why America has only had 5 Formal Declarations of War and in all 5 it was the current President of the United States that requested the Formal Declaration of War.

I’m not sure on Paul’s stance on trade but the others all want “Free Trade” which history has shown is Free to everyone but America.



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