Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why are Pro-Abortion Groups not Attacking McCain or Romney?

-McCain is not sure if we should reverse Roe v. Wade.
-Romney was one of the most pro-abortion Republicans of the last decade.


Pro-Abortion Group Attacks Mike Huckabee, Bashes Him With New Hampshire Calls

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Pro-life groups and advocates are split on endorsements for Republican presidential candidates, but pro-abortion organizations are heaping criticism on Mike Huckabee.

In their estimation, the former Arkansas governor is the worst on pro-life issues -- something Huckabee may wear as a badge of honor. Shortly after Huckabee's win in the Iowa caucuses, NARAL send out an email fundraising request hoping to generate $72,000 to contact pro-abortion Republican votes to oppose him in New Hampshire.

"Mike Huckabee's first place win in the Iowa caucuses is alarming for women," the group said in a copy of the email LifeNews.com obtained.

"We must stop him before we face a presidential nominee who is arguably more anti-choice than even George W. Bush," the group adds. "NARAL ... needs your help ... to stop Huckabee’s momentum before the New Hampshire primary on January 8." NARAL criticizes Huckabee for supporting a human life amendment to the constitution protecting unborn children from abortion.

It worries such an amendment would also limit birth control, stem cell research and in-vitro fertilization.


John McCain Questioned on His Opposition to Abortion, GOP Pro-Life Platform

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A pro-life advocate who works within the Republican Party is questioning presidential candidate John McCain's opposition to abortion and his position on a human life amendment.

The GOP platform currently supports a human life amendment that would afford legal protection for unborn children from abortions. McCain has a strong pro-life voting record in the Senate on abortion but has come under fire before for apparently flip-flopping on whether he supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

He's also disappointed pro-life advocates with his repeated votes for embryonic stem cell research funding. Colleen Parro, the head of the Republican National Coalition for Life, talked with the Cybercast News Service and said she is "not comfortable" with McCain's position on pro-life issues.

"It indicates that he is willing to vote for measures that regulate or restrict the practice of abortion," Parro said. "But in terms of ending legal abortion, there's no evidence he shares that goal with those of us that are pro-life." "His position in support of embryonic stem-cell research indicates that Mr. McCain is not truly pro-life.

If you support killing people at the very outset of their lives, then there is no possible way you would support ending legal abortion," she told CNS.


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