Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Romney Lowering Expectations in Iowa

"Romney said he would be “OK” with a “close second” place finish." Pray he finishes third.


Romney Lowering Expectations in Iowa

After a couple days of appearing confident of his resurrection in Iowa, Massachusetts Governor and Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney is back stepping, lowering expectations yet again. Likely responsible for this change in rhetoric is a Des Moines Register poll that came out last night showing Romney’s rise and Huckabee’s fall in the polls this past week and a half may have been exaggerated.

The Des Moines Register is one of the most accurate polls according to fellow pollsters and in the political world, their numbers are highly respected.

Romney said he would be “OK” with a “close second” place finish in the first state. And to an extent, he’s right to say so because he would still be in the race. But depending on what happens in Iowa, New Hampshire will be effected. And if McCain beats Romney in New Hampshire because of the 5 days of bad press Romney will have for losing in Iowa, the Romney Campaign will be in complete damage control mode.

Mitt Romney’s candidacy is really the only obstacle standing between Huckabee and the Republican Party’s nomination and defeating the Romney machine in Iowa would put the Huckabee campaign would be one major step in the effort to overcome that obstacle.

Like Romney though, Huckabee doesn’t need to win Iowa to still win the presidency. For Huckabee, the critical point is defending his solid lead in South Carolina. While Huckabee doesn’t have the money and organization advantage Romney does, Huckabee does have a strong grass roots base and other candidates, namely John McCain, who are fighting Romney as well in other states.

The first battle is just a couple days away.

Money vs. Grassroots.

Friends, we’ve fought this battle all of 2007 and won. Let’s finish the job in 2008 and get Huckabee in the White House!



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