Thursday, January 10, 2008

Utah Public Radio Trashed Catholism in Anti-Huckabee Skit

Catholic League: Jesus Trashed in Anti-Huckabee Skit
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (

UPDATE: Catholic Leagues efforts have paid off in this horrible example of blasphemy against the Eucharist.The skit was pulled and an apology was offered by KCPW, Utah's National Public Radio Station.Catholic league is to be commended.

Roman Catholic children usually make their First Holy Communion at the age of 7 or 8. It is a time of great celebration when the candidates usually wear white, if they are girls, and receive gifts to mark this special passage in their spiritual life. Towards the end of his life Napoleon was asked which had been the happiest day of his life. The questioner expected him to recollect one of his great military triumphs or his coronation as Emperor, but Napoleon replied, "The happiest day of my life was my First Holy Communion day." This may give you some idea how important this day is to a Catholic.
NEW YORK (Catholic League) - On January 7, an anti-Huckabee skit trashed Jesus on a radio show, “Fair Game with Faith Salie.” It aired on KCPW, Utah’s National Public Radio station. Here is a transcript of the offensive segment:

[Woman’s voice]: And now another Huckabee family recipe leaked by his opponents.

[Male Voice]: Tired of bland unsatisfying Eucharists? Try this Huckabee family favorite. Deep-Fried Body of Christ--boring holy wafers no more. Take one Eucharist. Preferably post transubstantiation. Deep-fry in fat, not vegetable oil, ladies, until crispy. Serve piping hot. Mike likes to top his Christ with whipped cream and sprinkles. But his wife Janet and the boys like theirs with heavy gravy and cream puffs. It goes great with red wine.

[Woman’s voice]: Now that is just ridiculous. Everyone knows evangelicals don’t believe in transubstantiation.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“We are lodging a complaint with Ed Sweeney, KCPW’s general manager. This kind of programming would be over-the-top on a shock-jock station, never mind a station funded by the taxpayers.

We would also like to know who was behind this assault on Jesus. Therefore, we are asking for an investigation. Whoever it was, he or she used presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee and evangelicals as foil, saving the real sucker punch for Roman Catholics.

This is despicable on several counts: it is blasphemous and bigoted. But it may also be motivated by a political calculus, making it really dirty if it is.”


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