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Some Republicans Would Rather Harpoon Huckabee than Win writes: ::
Personal Asides: Some Republicans Would Rather Harpoon Huckabee than Win
Posted: 17 Dec 2007 05:26 AM CST

"We don't smoke/ And we don't chew/ And we don't go/With girls who do!"

That seems to be the attitude of the white shoe Republicans who want a vice presidential candidate to run with Romney or Giuliani (though Romney is more likely to get the nomination for president) than a blue-colored, witty, phrase-making former 2-term governor who was listed as one of the best governors in the United States. I'm talking about Mike Huckabee who would bring great strength to the ticket and should be cast in the role of vice president if they could work things out-so that he would drop the Fair Tax and be a loyal campaigner-partner.

Tsk-tsk. Country club Republicans are spreading this stuff right now about Huckabee. Do you know that as governor he objected to a 15-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather having a court-ordered abortion? Of course-abortion is the taking of a human life which is what country clubbers can't bring themselves to recognize or admit. Do you really want to be governed by somebody who suggested quarantining all people with AIDS? In the early days of this infection no one knew how contagious it was for sure and AIDS is still a sacred cow because of its closeness to homosexuality. (Digression item: Did you see that article in the "Catholic New World" where Catholic Charities is going to "honor" AIDS victims? Honor them? Do they honor cancer victims? Stroke victims? AIDS patients ought to be given solace, full medical treatment, compassion, understanding, the full extent of counseling--but "honor"? Do you "honor" cigarette smokers who come down with lung cancer? Or an obese guy who continued eating until he had a heart attack? "Honoring" AIDS victims is endemic of the abject lavender political correctness that's hit the church. End of digression).

Back to Huckabee. Do you know that although it's ethically okay in Arkansas-gifts being exempt from ethics laws as it was under Bill Clinton as governor--Huckabee got $112,000 in freebies in a single year as governor

... including, get this, a wedding registry at Target, a $39 asparagus pot, a $100 Jack LaLanne power juicer and a $259 cookware set. How awful.

Also that he said he has a theology degree when he has not? In the last debate he said, "I'm the only guy on the stage with a theology degree. I think I understand [terrorism] well.. Republican white-shoe purists swarmed all over that one. He has a bachelor of arts in religion in his undergraduate studies so his theology degree is at the college level. Since then he put in 46 hours toward a masters-three years of study in New Testament Greek. Anybody else have that?

The point I'm making is not that he should be the presidential candidate but to get white-shoe Republicans to understand that this next year may well equal 1974, the Watergate year, for Republicans. What you do is get a full-fledged expert on the economy, law and governance to run for president and build toward broadening the ticket for vice president. For some reason or other neither Romney, Giuliani or Thompson have the pull with evangelicals that Huckabee has. Get him to ditch the Fair Tax and give him two terms to be vice president and you have another candidate with proven communications skills and experience to be president. Why is that so hard for white-shoe people to understand?


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