Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Plain Words, You Believe Child Sex Abuse is Okay. Please Answer Yes or No.

Martinez responded:

You have to be kidding. Do you think Nietzsche, Freud, Jung and Alder were healthy?

-Nietzsche went insane. One can not make oneself more mentally sick than that.

-Alder wanted therapy in which adults had sex with children. Do you think that is sick or healthy?

Your comment about Adler is an instance of circular reasoning. You are beginning with the assumption that conventional western morality is "healthy", then arguing from this that Adler's theory is unhealthy. Throughout this dialog I've been pointing out that our ideas of what is moral may not always serve our vital interests (which was Nietzsche's point), and Adler was approaching things from exactly this angle.

Martinez responded:

In plain words, you believe child sex abuse is okay. Please answer Yes or No. Please no more jargon.


At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was not aware that I was using any "jargon". When writing my responses I've tried my best to condense and simplify that which is essential broad and complicated. My apologies if I've failed.

Do I believe that child sex abuse is unethical? Yes. Do I think that all child sex abusers are "mentally ill"? No.

Do I think that Adler was mentally ill for suggesting this peculiar approach to therapy? No. I don't think he was even thinking in terms of "abuse". Sex with children didn't have quite the stigma attached to it then as it does now (even if the idea itself was slightly repugnant or shocking). For some reason Adler thought that adults with certain issues would benefit from having sex with children. Like most psychologists of his day he was following intuitive leads. This doesn't necessarily make him "sick"; it only makes him a scientist.

Ken Younos


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