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Petition Drive Against Gay Anti-Christian Indoctrination of Children

Petition Drive Against Gay Anti-Christian Indoctrination of Children

California Petition Drive Targets Pro-Homosexuality Law

by Jennifer Mesko, associate editor

SUMMARY: SB 777 redefines gender, brings indoctrination into schools.

Under a new California law, it could be discriminatory to keep boys who
perceive themselves as girls from using female restrooms and locker
rooms. And teachers and textbooks cannot "reflect adversely" on any
person because of sexual orientation. So no mention of Mom and Dad -
and lots of references to homosexuality.

"You've got to have equal time for every single sexual orientation
that is out there or you will not be in compliance with the law,"
said Karen England, who heads up Capital Resource Family Impact. Her
group is helping Save Our Kids with a petition drive to get SB 777

"We're trying to put it in the peoples' hands and have the people
decide whether this homosexual indoctrination in our schools should
become law or not."

Half a million signatures are needed to place the referendum on the
June 2008 ballot, and signatures must be turned in by Jan. 10 - the
day before the law will take effect.

On Tuesday, the Alliance Defense Fund and Advocates for Faith and
Freedom sued California in federal court over the constitutionality of
the law.

Ron Prentice, chief executive officer of the California Family Council,
said the goal of SB 777 "is not to create a gender-neutral
environment, but to disregard the traditional family and its beliefs,
and respect for a mom and dad raising the kids."

If you live in California and are on the Focus on the Family mailing
list, we have already mailed you a petition. Otherwise, visit the Save
Our Kids Web site for a petition.

Save Our Kids Committee, 660 J St. Ste 250, Sacramento, CA 95814 and
paid for by Focus on the Family, 8605 Explorer Dr. Colorado Springs, CO

(NOTE: Referral to Web sites not produced by Focus on the Family is for
informational purposes only and does not necessarily constitute an
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John Hinckley and Eric Rudolph: Now that Colorado and California and other depraved places really need your services, where are you?


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