Sunday, December 02, 2007

Schwarzenegger "Law will leave Children Vulnerable to Predators"

If you vote for Giuliani expect a Schwarzenegger girly man anti-Christain agenda.


California pro-family group sues Gov. Schwarzenegger over 'gender bender' bill

Allie Martin

November 29, 2007

A non-profit legal organization has filed a federal lawsuit challenging what many say is a new definition of gender by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Last month, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 777 into law, effectively changing the definition of gender under the state's education code. Under SB 777, gender is defined by individual choice, regardless of a person's God-given biological attributes.

Bob Tyler, general counsel with Advocates for Faith and Freedom, contends the bill violates privacy rights of students throughout California's public schools. He also says the law will leave children vulnerable to predators who will use the law just to get a "look-see" at other people.

"It's ridiculous that a young girl would be required to share private facilities such as restrooms, or locker rooms, or other private locations with a male, when society has always separated males and females in certain situations in order to protect the privacy of these kids," argues Tyler. "This bill just defies common sense."

The lawsuit argues the redefinition of gender should be declared unconstitutional because the law is vague and no school administrator would know when the law is actually being violated. SB 777 is set to become law in January.


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