Monday, October 29, 2007

New Documentary Film Titled "Forsaken" on Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

New Documentary Film Titled "Forsaken" on Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

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511 Avenue of the Americas Direct:
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New York, NY 10011-8436

From: CTLNYC Media
Priority Email

Forsaken Documentary

Dear Mr. Martinez,

CTLNYC Media is an investigative news organization currently involved in the production of a documentary film titled "Forsaken" which has as its central theme the aftermath of a sexual abuse incident in a large Midwestern Catholic parish.

The focus of "Forsaken" is, however, quite different from other documentaries recently produced that deal with the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. Specifically, we are examining the effects of media attention and the efforts of groups such as VOTF and SNAP on those close to, but not implicated in, the sexual abuse crisis. We are documenting the damage done to parishes and individual ministry by the "rush to judgment" mentality and the hidden agenda of VOTF and SNAP. In addition, we are including the effects of this "clergy killer" mentality on Protestant and Jewish congregations, which we believe will give our film broad relevance and appeal.

"Forsaken" will feature commentary from such luminaries as Dr. Deal Hudson, Dr. Lloyd Rediger and Catholic columnist Matt Abbott along with interviews and footage of leaders from SNAP and VOTF.

Having read your August 2002 article titled "What is VOTF's Real Agenda?" published in Newsmax (which was referred to us by Mr. Abbott) we would like to request an on-camera interview for inclusion in "Forsaken." This interview can be scheduled at a time and place of your convenience, and a full list of interview questions will be submitted for your review (as well as input) prior to actual filming. There will be no surprise questions or "gotcha's!"

You can refer to our website, for a look at preview "mini" trailer that will give you a good idea of the content and production values associated with this project.

We look forward to hearing from (and meeting you in person) in the near future.


David Graham


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fred! Good luck with the film, but you might want to make sure you know with whom you're dealing. Just who IS David Graham? Have you met him? Are you sure he's not just a voice on the phone? A post on your blog? A name on official looking letterhead? Ask him if he knows James W. Grice, the felon...I hear they're quite close!

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred -- don't let the term "felon" scare you off. James W. Grice is a charming fella. A former seminarian! He's no gun-toting gang-banger; he's merely a long-time swindler who bilks honest folks out of their hard earned cash (at least that's what he did in IL, TX and MO). There are those who know that Grice is the puppet master of all that "appears" to be CTL, including the voice of that strange podcaster, Bret Rocky Hamilton. But don't take this anonymous blogger's word for it, ask David (James Grice) Graham himself! I bet Msgr. Jarmoluk, the original "focus" of the film, would love to have Grice exposed so he could stop having to shell out his hard-earned (?) cash. Grice just never gets around to finishing that faux film! Seems he always needs more money...not sure if it's to keep up production or to keep Jarmoluk's secrets from getting out.....

At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you still have my email?

I'd like to have a chit chat about this.

Carol McKinley

At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good luck with dealing with CTL...whomever they are. CTL operates out of a "Mailboxes, Etc" in New York. CTL has been privately hired by a few mis-guided souls from the Geneva, IL area who think that by attacking victims of sexual abuse by priests, that they are going to salvage the reputation of our local Pastor who's reputation has been destroyed because of his silence in a horrific case of sexual abuse by one of his former associates.

Just to clue you in, the two local victims here have recently received over $1,000,000 each due to the misguided actions of the Diocese and parish administration here in Geneva. The local Monsignor, who is assisting CTL in this endeavor, has yet to acknowledge his mistakes or apologize to the victims and their families.

I'm sure there may be a few stray cases here and there where truly innocent Monsignors have caught up in this still ongoing sexual abuse epidemic within the Catholic Church. This isn't one of them.

Our Monsignor here in Geneva has chosen to cooperate with CTL and to perpetuate the sickening habit that the Catholic Church has of attacking sexual abuse victims as a way of silencing them.

This supposed documentary will only demonstrate how clueless and pathetic some Monsignors and Pastors still are regarding the sexual abuse tragedy.

For a Monsignor to align himself with an outfit such as CTL and to continue to demean and attack sexual abuse victims is about as pathetic of an undertaking as I can think of!

Go ahead and assist CTL...You'll only be contributing to further drag the reputation of the Catholic Church into the toilet.

At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


And our good friend 'Carol the bookseller' is back, I see. Her mission in life is to publish books and cash in on the tragedy of those who have been victimized by the sexual abuse epidemic within the Catholic Church.

She reared her ugly head this past summer on CTL's blog...She promised to appear here to 'show her support' for the local Monsignor. We're still waiting.

She has yet to make an appearance. Her and her ilk will only show their faces if they can make a fast buck off the suffering of others. No money was available here, so she turned tail and ran away leaving the Monsignor and his supporters on their own.

Nice job Carol!! Your first class all the way!!

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fred -- My name is Dexter Allen and I felt I should put my two cents in on this subject. Something that doesn't come up when you talk to "CTL" is the fact that during the early days of court hearings and indictments concerning the sex abuse at St. Peter Church in Geneva, the parish discovered that their own music director was wanted by New York authorities in connection with the stabbing death of his mentally handicapped gay lover. Michael Pavone, (who had recently been hired by Msgr. Jarmoluk and vociferously defended by same when choir members complained about him) managed to direct the Easter service before hopping a plane to NY to "face the music." He was later convicted and died in prison about 2 years ago. The young students of St. Peter school were traumatized by hearing that a murderer had been in their midst -- word has it that one child was so terrified to enter the school even several years later that Msgr. Jarmoluk had to pick the child up kicking and screaming and carry the student into the school. This all might have been averted if the administration at the school had made an effort to give the students appropriate information about the situation -- instead, nothing was ever said and the children's imaginations created their own stories to fill the void in their knowledge about this terrible situation.

I hope you do your homework, Fred -because CTL doesn't!

I'll keep D Lightson for ya!

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous K. Cowley NMC said...

Hi Fred,

We've talked in the past about this and I see that the opposition is out in full force.

A bunch of sycophants if you ask me.

The TRUTH of the matter is that I've had CTL investigated by some friends at NY BBB. There is nothing illegitimate about this group. They have a mailbox at Mailbox Etc, like many small companies do. They are a very grassroots organization with less then 50 employees who have been in independent news and film for nearly a decade under various names.

That being said you have to ask why so many people try to blast them as being illegitimate. I find it funny, that just because CTL is a small organization they are less creditable then, say, Fox News, CNN, or the New York Times, which has blatantly lied in the past.

Just let them do their job. They are obviously somewhat legitimate if they have Lloyd Rediger, Senator Hutchison, and Archbishop Egan giving them scheduled interviews.

You should not so afraid of the truth. You're worried about a small company that found something wrong in the world, and wants to bring attention to it.

What you have to ask yourself, both sides, is regardless if there is a slant or not in their film, if its not true, then you have nothing to worry about. Either way, this issue is not going away, and those that are guilty are sure making themselves known.

Bochte. Burns. O'Halleron.

You know who you are. And most of all the parents of the girl who was "abused". Its hard to be abused when you're parents condone you dating a priest more then twice your age.

Then magically file a lawsuit for big bucks. nice planning.

This whole thing is a soap opera. The fact that you fools keep trying to discredit it with your rants only makes it more spectacular.

America is gonna love you guys.

Anyway, Jermoluk, you're not a saint either. In fact none of you are. The brilliant part is how none of you are willing to accept this, rather, you all point the finger at everyone else.

Un-Catholic ingrates. Seriously.

God bless this documentary or fictional film, or whatever it wants to be. At least its bringing light to those who are total bigots. Maybe when the world sees you on the big screen you'll be able to see exactly how lame you are.

Keep fighting. Its great.

Kenneth E. Cowley, friend of small media.

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