Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Jewish libs . . . feigning this shock . . . because [Coulter is] a threat to their real religion: liberalism."

It's only the Jewish libs, like Deutch, who are feigning this shock and outrage. That's because she's a threat to their real religion: liberalism.[]

Nice Try, Media Matters Nazis, But Ann Coulter is No Anti-Semite
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By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Ian Schwartz has the video of Ann and her comments. You be the judge. ****

The Internet and Mainstream Media are abuzz in their latest attack on Ann Coulter. This time, they're claiming she's an anti-Semite.

It all stems from an interview she did with CNBC's horrid talk show host Donny Deutch. Apparently, one of the two viewers watching this incredibly boring show was a Media Matters monkey trained to tape Ann's every word and think of ways to twist it.

In describing the connections between Christian and Jewish beliefs, Ann said that Jews believe in the Old Testament, but Christians believe in that AND the New Testament. Jews need to be "perfected," she said. Reading the full script (also read Omri Ceren/Mere Rhetoric's and Allah Pundit's excellent comments @ Hot Air), it's abundantly clear what she was talking about. To wit: That we, as Jews, don't accept the full Christian Bible, and therefore, it's the Christian belief that we need to be fully accepting of it. She said "That is what we [Christians] believe we are--perfected Jews."

Why should that offend me? I've had brunch with Ann, and we've had many conversations through e-mail, etc. During all of that, she's never once told me she's offended that I believe that I am part of the Chosen People. To you far-left Jews and other uber-liberals who want to rush off and call Ann an anti-Semite, that means that we as Jews believe Christians and Hindus and Bahai Faithers (and definitely, Muslims) are not Chosen. Does that make me a religious bigot? Nope. It just means I actually believe in my religion. Just like Ann does. Nothing more. Nothing less.

This whole thing is a lot of manufactured hype in order to try to play gotcha with Ann. Like I said, I know Ann personally and I like and respect her. She doesn't have an anti-Semitic bone in her body. If anything, she is one of the most philo-Semitic gentiles I know, and her columns--constant attacks on the modern day enemies of the Jewish people and defenses of Israel and America--are strong evidence of that.

Contrast that with the villain here: Media Matters. It's anti-American, anti-Israel, and funded by George Soros, a Jew who proudly worked for the Nazis rounding up Jews and sending them to their deaths. Hmmm . . . him versus Ann Coulter? That's an easy choice. I'd much rather go with the woman who looks like an Aryan but is a friend to the Jews and their allies than the billionaire atheist Jew who's lived his entire life like a Nazi.

Again, if she is not bothered that I think that as a Jew, I'm one of the Chosen People (and she isn't), I certainly can't be bothered in the least that she thinks that Jews must be perfected to Christianity. I think the fact that far too many of my fellow co-religionists have substituted unabated liberalism for Judaism is what gives so many a platform for questioning us, though I don't believe that is what Ann was doing here.

And for the record, I believe Donny Deutch was lying about his own religious status. When Ann started down this road, and Deutch got so "offended," Ann asked him why he doesn't practice his religion, Judaism. He responded that he is a "practicing" Jew. I doubt that, since his show is on live during the Jewish Sabbath, and keeping the Jewish Sabbath is the most important commandment for a religious Jew to keep. I believe most religious Jews would not characterize Deutch as a "practicing" Jew, not that it matters, but since we're nitpicking along with the self-appointed nit-watchers here . . . . I, for one, enjoyed Ann needling him on that, since he needled her.

True religious Jews are not offended by Ann's comments, though they really appreciate her alliance with our causes. It's only the Jewish libs, like Deutch, who are feigning this shock and outrage. That's because she's a threat to their real religion: liberalism.

If anything, perhaps Ann shouldn't have used the word "perfected," if only because it was a perfect word for liberals to twist and use.

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