Friday, September 28, 2007

“The Increasingly Jew-obsessed E. Michael Jones”


Majoring in Minors

So I'm sitting here the other day, working, and I get an email from a friend, informing me that I'm on the cover of Culture Wars, the mag published by the increasingly Jew-obsessed E. Michael Jones. News to me. What picture did they use, I ask. That's the great part, says my friend, they used that picture of me that Fr. Rob Johansen took when we were out behind his parish in rural Michigan last June, shooting skeet. Some of you may remember it (alas! It is no longer on Fr. Rob's site). It's, like, one of the ugliest pics of me in existence (which is saying a lot since I have a "radio face" and even more emphatically, a "radio (and radial) body"). I put on the orange trucker hat, was dressed in my slobbiest clothes, donned the Authentic Redneck "We Don't Much Like Strangers Round These Parts" Snarl and clutched the rifle. Great, great photo. Ugly as all hell.

So anyway, Culture Wars apparently downloaded the photo and then used it for some attack piece on, well, all those Jew lovers (including me) who have somehow been in cahoots with all those other Jew lovers who are trying to destroy Those Who Speak the Truth[TM]. The central villains of the piece are apparently some outfit called the Southern Poverty Law Center, which did a really nasty (and, as Karl Keating demonstrates, extremely sloppy and inaccurate) hit piece on, among others, Culture Wars. So, since it's the *Southern* Poverty Law Center, I guess Jones decided my Redneck Photo was sufficient grounds to associate me with them, even though I never heard of them before a week or two ago and had absolutely nothing to do with their hit piece. Oh well, can't be bothered by accuracy when you've got a Jewish menace to fight.
Now, as Karl points out, the SPLC piece is not only unjust to a number of its victims, it is also quite hilariously inaccurate. My favorite bit is the description of a "bespeckled" Bob Sungenis, whom the SPLC guys confuse with Chris Ferrara. It's worth a chuckle or two.

What it's not worth however, is the pretense that everything about the piece is false, which is precisely the pretense that Rad Trads are trying to indulge in protest letters like this. As Karl notes, "The issue of anti-Semitism within the Traditionalist movement does need to be discussed, but it should be discussed by people who know what they're doing." However, it's not much of an incitement to believe that Rad Trads are the "people who know what they are doing" when they a) strain *exclusively* at the gnat that Sungenis does not wear glasses, and b) swallow the camel of neglecting to mention the following:

Catholic researcher William Cork has documented that Sungenis had plagiarized from anti-Semitic sources.

As documented by Catholic Traditionalist author Matthew Anger, Sungenis posted material taken from the White Supremacist group, National Vanguard and that Sungenis eventually removed the material only after Anger posted the article exposing the connection and Sungenis' own Vice President voiced strong objections.

Sungenis continues use and defend the use of unsavory sources, as documented by Christopher Blosser

Sungenis published a false quote and attributed it to Jewish convert Roy Schoeman. When notified about this, Sungenis retained it on his site in spite of evidence proving that the quote was false. Finally, under increasing public pressure, Sungenis ultimately removed the quote and issued a "conditional" apology to Schoeman. The "apology" is conditional on Schoeman swearing out an affidavit that he had not altered the original passage in order to embarrass him, despite the fact that David Moss of the Association of Hebrew Catholics has offered to send Sungenis a hard copy of Schoeman's article and has audio recordings of Schoeman specifically rejecting the position Sungenis falsely attributes to him. Sungenis refused to examine the evidence himself and has not apologized for failing to check the false quote before posting it.

In response to this irresponsible and dishonest behavior, virtually all Sungenis' former associates have criticized him.

Recently, Sungenis posted a lengthy article in which, among other things, he attacked his critics with the suspicion that they have Jewish blood (or blinded by "Zionist sympathies" [that'd be me]), charged that Jews were trying to take over the world and the Church, claimed that critics were trying to kill him, claimed that God had been preparing him for his prophetic role against the Jews, and demanded that his readers choose between his critics and himself.

Likewise, he published another document in which he again accused his critics of having Jewish blood, as well as defending such claims as

1) President Roosevelt's Jewish ancestry made him a Zionist and prompted him to engage in a conspiracy to get the US into World War II by "engineering" Pearl Harbor;

2) "There is a whole cadre of Jewish loyalists, including David ben Gurion and the Israeli Mossad in cahoots with the CIA that are implicated in the JFK assassination";

3) "Christianity is certainly not inherently violent, but unfortunately, Judaism tends to be, because real Judaism considers all non-Jews goyim that are less than animals, and this precipitates a loathing and violence against non-Jews";


4) “The Jews… do intend to rule the world. And now the problem is that they want to rule the Catholic Church, too.”

Finally, Sungenis e-mailed Holocaust Revisionist Michael A. Hoffman II his work for review and Hoffman replied on CAI's Q and A board. On the whole, Sungenis warmly approved of Hoffman's views (Question 25, March 2007).

When Rad Trads overlook all that and focus only on the fact that Sungenis doesn't wear glasses, you begin to suspect that there is a blindness at work here that no glasses will cure. Worse still, they invite those hostile to the Church, such as the SPLC, to do their housecleaning for them. The should take a hint from honest Traditionalists like Forrest, Palm, Michael, and Douglass and be the first, rather than the last, to denounce behavior that constitutes a blot on the Church's witness to the world.


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