Saturday, February 05, 2005

A suggestion before you go to the prayer and “Let go and let God” phase

Dear X,

Below are references and advice from colleagues in the USA as well as the Canada. I agree with some of them that if a person doesn't want help then that prayer is the best solution. But, I have a suggestion before you go to the prayer and “Let go and let God” phase.

Learn everything you can about BDSM [Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism] from a moral perspective and then explain in the simplest terms why it is sinful and harmful to your friend. Even if your friend gets mad, calmly explain why it is sinful and harmful thoroughly. Email the list below and go to your local library to find out why exactly BDSM sinful and harmful so you can explain this clearly to your friend. After you do this pray for your friend and be as friendly as you can, but don’t get into any more discussions on that subject. Leave it in God’s hands.

This worked for me a few years back. A Greek Orthodox priest who had fallen away from the Roman Catholic Church and I had a discussion. It, at times, got heated, but I explained thoroughly that if a majority of bishop is the basis of the Catholic faith than he would have to agree with the Monophysite heresy of the 5th–7th centuries. He was not happy when he left.

The priest came back to argue a few over the next few months, but something told me to just listen and be friendly. After some months he came to me to tell me the good news that he was returning to the Roman Catholic Church.

God bless,


Dear Fred,

I can suggest one, who lives in Vancouver, through a very fine lady named Marie Peeters-Ney, who is Catholic MD married to a Christian psychologist (I don't think he's Catholic but is Christian). They have been working together on the subject of post-abortion syndrome, as well as other problems of psychology. You might write to her at: Marie Peeters-Ney

Another name which comes to mind is Dr. Paul Vitz, an outstanding catholic psychologist who lives in the New York City area, if I recall correctly. I don't have any more info on how to contact him, but perhaps he is in the NYC phone book. He wrote an extraordinarily important book titled "Psychology as Religion: the Cult of Self-Worship."

Subject: Re: psychology request>> Sorry for the delay... Dr Gladys Sweeney started the Institute for the > Psychological Sciences in Washington DC. The email address; >, They would know of > Catholic psychologists around the country... I think.


Try these:

Institute for the Psychological Sciences: ""
Thomas Aquinas Center/Institute with Dr. Nicolosi in California somewhere. Dr. Nicolosi specializes in assisting homosexuals.

Hopefully, these will help and get you started.
God Bless

The only person I could think of is an orthodox, celibate ECUSA priest and spiritual director that I know ... but at this point, I doubt that a psych or religious referral will do much, since the woman is happy with her condition. All that can be done is to pray for her healing.

Hi Fred,

Try this site:

There are people like Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons and Dr. Peter Rudegaire who deal with these things. Both are in Pennsylvania and work with Courage. Of course one thing your correspondent need to realize is that the person has to want to get treatment.These links may also be of interest:

God bless

Hi Mr Martinez

I have a friend who is involved in BDSM... Any suggestions cos I'm trying my best.



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Let me know what questions you have -- I'd be most happy to answer them.Matthew

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