Sunday, January 09, 2005

Please forward to Californians everywhere or the Democrat/ gay axis will win!

Please forward to Californians everywhere


(CCF)Randy Thomasson,
January 3, 2005


Do you have moment to protect marriage as God created it?The Democrat politicians in Sacramento have a plan to push "homosexual marriage licenses" statewide in every community.

As the majority party, they know they have the power. But they're nervous and wondering if you mind them overturning the people's vote on marriage.

Of course you mind. So do millions of Californians who were angry about San Francisco's homosexual marriages" all over TV and in our faces last year. So do the 4.6 million Californians who voted for Proposition 22 a mere five years ago. We all want marriage protected and our votes respected!But the Democrat politicians won't know this unless you tell them.

With legislators returning to Sacramento today, now is the time to SPEAK OUT AND REMIND THEM that you deeply care about keeping marriage for a man and a woman, a husband and wife.There are THREE BIG REASONS why you should call your California state assemblymember TODAY (even if you have called within the last month):
1. If you've ever been to a surprise party, you know the positive "shock effect" it is on the person having the birthday. Likewise, with California state legislators walking into their offices after a month-long vacation, they need to be shocked and jolted into reality by a continuous ringing of phones. You want the legislators to ask, "What are all those calls about?" and to understand that Californians are calling in droves to oppose the Democrats' "homosexual marriage license" scheme. In your message, just say, "Oppose AB 19. Protect marriage for a man and a woman, just like we voted."
2. The Los Angeles Times has reported that the Assembly Democrats are going away on a retreat in a week or so to decide whether to push forward with AB 19. "The issue will be hashed out at a Democratic caucus retreat in early January," reported the Times on Christmas Day.

Do you understand how this is your opportunity to stop AB 19? The Democrats are nervous about 11 out of 11 states voting to protect marriage in the last election. They're wondering whether to push forward with "homosexual marriage" or hold back on AB 19 because it will hurt them politically.

They will meet to decide in a week or so. STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT. If these Democrats don't receive phone calls from you, your friends and thousands of others right now, they will get the message that AB 19 is "not a problem." Don't let them misunderstand you.

RIGHT NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to drag down this anti-voter, anti-marriage bill.3. On the radio last month, AB 19's author, homosexual Democrat Mark Leno of San Francisco, said he now has 32 co-authors, up from 24 in early December.

In another radio interview, Geoffrey Kors, head of California's homosexual lobby group, Equality California, said he believes Governor Schwarzenegger could sign AB 19 if it passes the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

THIS WOULD BE HORRIBLE -- DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN.SPEAK OUT NOW. Don't let the aggressive homosexual agenda trample you and your values without a fight. Now is your opportunity to influence your state assemblymember by calling Sacramento. With God's help and your participation, AB 19 CAN BE STOPPED if the outrage of people all over California, Democrats, Republicans and independents, is strongly felt at the State Capitol.

MAKE YOUR PHONE CALL TODAY, as your state assemblymember returns to his or her office. Call whether you are in a Democrat district or a Republican district. Every California assemblymember needs to get the message that his or her constituents are upset about the Democrats' plan to trash the people's vote on marriage. Leave a firm message to "Oppose AB 19.

Protect marriage for man and a woman, just like we voted!"It is crucial that you make your call today. Make the phones ring in Sacramento! CCF makes it easy for you to do your part.Click the following link and enter your zip code to find out who your assemblymember is so you can make your call today: AB you know who your assemblymember is, find them on the list below and call their office or offices right away:Greg Aghazarian (R-Stockton)(916) 319-2026 / (209) 473-6972Juan Arambula (D-Fresno)(916) 319-2031 / (559) 445-5532Joe Baca, Jr. (D-San Bernardino)(916) 319-2062 / (909) 388-1413Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles)(916) 319-2047 / (323) 290-5105John Benoit (R-Riverside)(916) 319-2064 / (909) 369-6644Patty Berg (D-Eureka)(916) 319-2001 / (707) 576-2526Rudy Bermúdez (D-Norwalk)(916) 319-2056 / (562) 864-5600Sam Blakeslee (R-Santa Maria)(916) 319-2033 / (805) 549-3381Russ Bogh (R-Beaumont)(916) 319-2065 / (909) 790-4196Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello)(916) 319-2058 / (323) 838-5858Joe Canciamilla (D-Pittsburg)(916) 319-2011 / (925) 372-7900Wilma Chan (D-Oakland)(916) 319-2016 / (510) 286-1670Ed Chavez (D-La Puente)(916) 319-2057 / (562) 695-8414Judy Chu (D-Monterey Park)(916) 319-2049 / (323) 981-3426Dave Cogdill (R-Modesto)(916) 319-2025 / (209) 576-6425Rebecca Cohn (D-Saratoga)(916) 319-2024 / (408) 277-1220Joe Coto (D-San Jose)(916) 319-2023 / (408) 277-1220Lynn Daucher (R-Brea)(916) 319-2072 / (714) 672-4734Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate)(916) 319-2050 / (562) 927-1200Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine)(916) 319-2070 / (929) 863-7070Mervyn Dymally (D-Compton)(916) 319-2052 / (310) 223-1201Bill Emmerson (R-Rancho Cucamonga)(916) 319-2063 / (909) 466-4180Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa)(916) 319-2007 / (707) 546-4500Dario Frommer (D-Los Angeles)(916) 319-2043 / (818) 240-6330Bonnie Garcia (R-Cathedral City)(916) 319-2080 / (760) 321-8522Jackie Goldberg (D-Los Angeles)(916) 319-2045 / (323) 258-0450Mike Gordon (D-Torrance)(916) 319-2053 / (310) 782-1553Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley)(916) 319-2014 / (510) 559-1406Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach)(916) 319-2067 / (714) 843-4966Ray Haynes (R-Murrieta)(916) 319-2066 / (909) 699-1113Jerome Horton (D-Inglewood)(916) 319-2051 / (31) 412-6400Shirley Horton (R-Lemon Grove)(916) 319-2078 / (619) 462-7878Guy Houston (R-Livermore)(916) 319-2015 / (925) 606-4990Bob Huff (R-Walnut)(916) 319-2060 / (626) 839-2000Dave Jones (D-Sacramento)(916) 319-2009 / (916) 324-4676Betty Karnette (D-Long Beach)(916) 319-2054 / (562) 997-0794Rick Keene (R-Chico)(916) 319-2003 / (530) 895-4217Johan Klehs (D-San Leandro)(916) 319-2018 / (510) 583-8818Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood)(916) 319-2042 / (310) 285-5490Doug LaMalfa (R-Redding)(916) 319-2002 / (530) 223-6300Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa)(916) 319-2077 / (619) 465-7723John Laird (D-Santa Cruz)(916) 319-2027 / (831) 425-1503Mark Leno (D-San Francisco)(916) 319-2013 / (415) 557-3013Tim Leslie (R-Roseville)(916) 319-2004 / (916) 774-4430Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys)(916) 319-2040 / (818) 904-3840Sally Lieber (D-Mountain View)(916) 319-2022 / (650) 210-2000Carol Liu (D-Pasadena)(916) 319-2044 / (626) 577-9944Barbara Matthews (D-Tracy)(916) 319-2017 / (209) 948-7479Bill Maze (R-Visalia)(916) 319-2034 / (559) 636-3440Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield)(916) 319-2032 / (661) 395-2995Cindy Montañez (D-San Fernando)(916) 319-2039 / (818) 838-3939Dennis Mountjoy (R-Monrovia)(916) 319-2059 / (626) 359-8305Gene Mullin (D-So. San Francisco)(916) 319-2019 / (650) 341-4319Alan Nakanishi (R-Lodi)(916) 319-2010 / (209) 333-5330Joe Nation (D-San Rafael)(916) 319-2006 / (707) 576-2631Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara)(916) 319-2035 / (805) 564-1649Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-Ontario)(916) 319-2061 / (909) 621-3939Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks)(916) 319-2005 / (916) 349-1995Fabian Nuñez (D-Los Angeles)(916) 319-2046 / (213) 620-4646Jenny Oropeza (D-Long Beach)(916) 319-2055 / (310) 518-3324Nicole Parra (D-Bakersfield)(916) 319-2030 / (661) 334-3745Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills)(916) 319-2041 / (818) 596-4141George Plescia (R-San Diego)(916) 319-2075 / (858) 689-6290Keith Richman (R-Northridge)(916) 319-2038 / (818) 368-3838Mark Ridley-Thomas (D-Los Angeles)(916) 319-2048 / (213) 745-6656Sharon Runner (R-Lancaster)(916) 319-2036 / (661) 723-3368Ira Ruskin (D-Palo Alto)(916) 319-2021 / (650) 688-6330Lori Saldaña (D-San Diego)(916) 319-2076 / (619) 294-7600Simon Salinas (D-Salinas)(916) 319-2028 / (831) 638-3228Todd Spitzer (R-Orange)(916) 319-2071 / (714) 998-0980Audra Strickland (R-Camarillo)(916) 319-2037 / (805) 230-9167Alberto Torrico (D-Fremont)(916) 319-2020 / (510) 794-2580Van Tran (R-Garden Grove)(916) 319-2068 / (714) 668-2100Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana)(916) 319-2069 / (714) 285-0355Juan Vargas (D-San Diego)(916) 319-2079 / (619) 409-7979Mike Villines (R-Clovis)(916) 319-2029 / (559) 243-4192Mimi Walters (R-Laguna Niguel)(916) 319-2073 / (949) 495-0730Lois Wolk (D-Davis)(916) 319-2008 / (707) 455-8025Mark Wyland (R-Vista)(916) 319-2074 / (760) 599-1641Leland Yee (D-San Francisco)(916) 319-2012 / (415) 557-2312-- end --

CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (CCF) is a 501(c)(3) leading West Coast pro-family organization empowering citizens to live out their values. Sign up today for CCF's free email updates at Your partnership empowers CCF's innovative work on behalf of children and families in culture, media and government.

Please support CCF by sending a tax-deductible gift of any size to:Campaign for Children and FamiliesRandy Thomasson, PresidentP.O. Box 511, Sacramento, CA 95812(916)


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, and here are links to my opinion on AB 19. I am currently dissecting and commenting on it. I understand if the authors of this site need to remove this post, nonetheless, I wanted to provide this link for them and for those interested.


The 'Grub Street' Plumber

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