Sunday, December 26, 2004

Jesuit to Make St. Ignatius Proud

Father William Stout is the pastor at Agnew's Chapel, which helps the mentally retarded in Santa Clara. After mass, he is always hard to get to because people surround him. He is chatting and blessing with a natural joy in many languages. If at any time of day or night you need him -he is there with that same joy. He is a Jesuit Priest who has make St. Ignatius proud.

Q. Why did you want to be a priest?
A. I think the greatest influence was when I was 8 or 9 years old. I went to Catholic school and the German Jesuits were very kind and loving. The school was very poor. It was St. Mary’s school, which used to be at 3rd and Reed St. in San Jose. It burned down in the thirties or early forties.

Q. Why did you choose to be a Jesuit?
A. At the Jesuit High school -Bellermine- the Jesuit priests were great examples of service to God. I always connected with the Jesuit teachers. I thought teaching had a bigger impact because of the day to day contact.
The Jesuits had a long history of seeking for the best. They wanted to do more for the greater glory of God. They were men of learning, but with nobility. Ignatius was a military officer who wanted his Jesuits to be able to move. I didn’t like the Franciscans because of their vow of stability. The Jesuits were different. They were to be like the Green Berets-to be obedient to what God wanted.
Q. Why is the Church having so many problems with the Jesuits, today?
A. Some of the Jesuits have moved away from devotion to the Pope. They are, now, into being “open.” They think that is what speaks to modern man. For this reason the Jesuits are not as trusted by the Holy Father.
The Jesuits are men of learning. Sometimes the smarter you are the more difficult it is to be humble. But, we shouldn’t worry about it. Pope John the 23 would pray then say,” I’m going to bed. I trust God."
Q. You have taught some movie star’s kids. Can you tell us about them?
A. I taught at Loyola High school from 1958 to 1961 in Los Angeles. In the fifties the movie industry kids were just like any other kids. Then Governor Reagan’s son-Mike- was in my class. He was a nice kid who struggled with algebra. Governor Reagan would only speak with the principal. I saw him pick up Mike to take him to the ranch.
From 1961 to 1966, I was a teacher at Bellermine High in the Bay Area. I taught Harry Crosby - the son of Bing. He was a real gentleman and a fine musician. His mother was a nurse who had a ranch in Mexico. She used to go to Mexico to treat and care for the poor with medical problems.
Q. Why did you decide to work for the Mexican people in the Bay Area?
A. I wanted to go to the Eastside of San Jose to help the next immigrant people. In the past the Jesuits had helped the recently arrived immigrants. The Germans, the French and the Italian grandchildren were now doctors and professors.
My family was German and Irish. My brother and I were the first to graduate from college in the family. The Mexicans were the next group of immigrants we ought to help.
Q. Tell us about your work in the little Mexican seaport town of Alviso?
A. In 1961, I was asked to go to the Alviso mission church. I went to the mission because of the need to do something for the Mexican people because they were the next immigrant people. I went back to teaching at Bellermine High while saying mass on Sundays in Alviso. I got the Bellermine students to help fix up the church. An old couple Don and Dona Rembios taught me better Spanish as we fixed the Church. I helped out - off and on until 1998 in Alviso.
Q Tell us about teaching in the toughest school in San Jose - Overfelt High?
A. We had hoped to have a Catholic High school in the Eastside of San Jose. But, in 1984 since no Catholic school was build, I proposed to the Jesuit provincial that I get hired at Overfelt in math. I wanted to help the kids from Mexico with problems in English.
The Overfelt riots and bad reputation give a false representation of the kids at the school. If they like you, they like you-if they don’t like you, you are in trouble. The problem is students, now, come from broken homes with family problems and drugs. They don’t see direction or see the need to study. With the loss of the Mexican culture-they lose the politeness and kindness of Mexico. Many don’t go to church or join religious groups.
Q. Who are the heroes of many of these kids?
A. The heroes are, many times, the criminal gangs. The gangs provide for the vacuum the family used to provide. They provide approval, direction, protection and a sense of belonging. These people become their family.
The gangs are dealers in death. I told the gangs I didn’t respect them. They carved their gang letters into my car window. I left it there so everyone could see what they were about. They don’t build. They deal with death and destruction. But, so long as kids lack parents with religion or lack parents who are home for them there will be problems.
Q. With the anti-family and homosexual indoctrination in the public schools, what advise you give parents?
A. The only solution is for the family to do their job - some do. They are home for their children and give them religion. Others are far from religion; and both parents are working so their children lack parents being home. Some mothers have boyfriends!
I’m too traditional - I don’t understand. My mom was paralyzed for 10 years and my dad went out to see her everyday for 10 years. He would talk to her-you could tell she understood by her eyes looking at him. Parents must live their message! A loving couple will do more than any book. They must sacrifice their pride for each other and offer it to God.

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