Monday, November 03, 2008

The Race is Tied in almost ALL of the Battleground States

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An urgent message from our sponsor,
The Republican National Trust PAC

Dear Newsmax Reader:

With so many polls showing Obama "ahead" you may be wondering why we should fight.

Here's why.

When you strip away the national polls and look down deep into each of the battleground states, you find that this is NOT a runaway election for Barack Obama.

In fact, the race is tied in almost ALL of the battleground states.

The Mason Dixon poll for Fla. and Virginia not only has Obama and McCain statistically tied, but up to 9% of voters in each state are still undecided.

We see the same trends in Ohio and Missouri.

For the past several weeks the media have been trumpeting every poll showing Obama ahead. Polls showing McCain-Palin's strength get shoved to the bottom of the page.

The media wants to create a "feeling" of Obama's imminent victory. It is nothing less than psychological warfare to drain you of your enthusiasm.

Don't buy into this nonsense.

We can win this!

I have been told that ever since we began airing our Obama and Rev. Wright ad in Ohio, McCain's decline stopped and he began to see a turnaround.

Right now we are pumping millions into both battleground states and into national TV ads.

Dick Morris says undecideds will swing in a big way behind McCain. But they need to be reminded how radical and risky Obama is.

We are doing that!

On Monday my ad buyer is on stand by. I will give him final instructions on buying ads Monday night and Tuesday morning.

I need your help to continue our final push.

You can help by Going Here Now.

You can see our powerful TV ads — Go Here Now.

We are making a huge difference.

Thank you for standing up for our great country.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. Dick Morris said on Fox News last night that our TV ad exposing the Obama-Wright connection is the most powerful weapon John McCain now has. I can still place millions in new ads Monday night and Tuesday morning. Help me do this! To donate Go Here Now or call our donor hotline at 1-866-957-1467.