Friday, September 19, 2008

Call Obama to Condemn his Goon-Squad Tactics

Responding to Obama's Responding to Obama's goon-squad tactics
by Mike

Over the past week, the honorable junior senator from Illinois, the candidate of hope, change, and unity, has:

* Said he would "take the gloves off" and campaign more aggressively

* Called Governor Palin a pig

* Mobilized a squad of rabid enthusiastic supporters to try to intimidate a radio station into not airing opinion programming critical of him

* Run a television commercial mocking Senator McCain's war injuries

* In general, confirmed that he is a jerk

In addition, his enthusiastic supporters (with or without official encouragement) have hacked Governor Palin's e-mail. This reminds me more than a little of what President Nixon's enthusiastic supporters did (with or without official encouragement) 36 years ago. So far as I know, Obama has not condemned this action.

So what is a concerned citizen such as yourself to do? (I mean besides registering to vote, voting for McCain, volunteering, putting up yard signs and all that.) I have a suggestion.

Call Senator Obama's campaign headquarters ((866) 675-2008) or his Senate office in Washington ((202) 224-2854) or Chicago ((312) 886-3506) or the DNC main office in Washington (202-863-8000). When you get to a live person, express your disgust. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

* Whoever you are talking to is a worker bee, not Barack Obama. (They're probably getting minimum wage and no benefits.) You're not angry at them, you're angry at the thugs they work for. Don't make it personal.

* Do not cuss. You are not a Kos Kiddie. You are better than that. Show it.

* Do make your points forcefully.

* If the worker bee protests that Barack didn't approve of this or that offense, remind him/her that Barack approved his commercials (and even says so in his own voice) and his speeches, and he hasn't officially disapproved of anything his enthusiastic supporters have done.

Every call which criticizes Obama ties up the phone line for a while, absorbs staff time, and gets counted--organizations like this, if they are at all smart, track what people are calling them about. You may persuade the worker bee that the people he/she is working for are not the wonderful folks they thought they were. You may affect office morale. Every little bit counts.
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