Monday, March 17, 2008

Unethical Lawyer Hillary Vs. Friend of Black David Duke

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It's All Over for the Democrats

Due to an obsession with race and gender, the Democrats have completely blown it this time around. The focus on the race and the gender of Senators Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the threat that is associated with any close scrutiny of the two because of their race and gender, caused the Democrats to fail to properly scrutinize their own candidates for president as they would have otherwise been scrutinized. According to the liberal gospel, the two Democratic candidates are to be viewed as members of protected groups. The two candidates themselves refused to properly scrutinize each other for the same reason. Now the race obsessed Democrats have been hoisted on their own petard.

As a result, we know precious little about the character or the background of the two potential leaders of the free world. Only now, after Barak Obama has almost clinched the Democratic nomination, do we learn that for 20 years he attended a church that was presided over by a black version of David Duke. Minister Jeremiah Wright, who presided over Barak and Michelle Obama's wedding and the baptism of their two daughters, has a long record of spewing racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American sentiments such as "God Damn America." Barak Obama accepted gifts from Tony Rezko, a notorious Chicago real estate developer presently on trial at the Chicago Federal District Court. These issues, and maybe others yet to percolate through the wall of protection, are emerging too late to stop the Obama nomination. Barak Obama will be the nominee and he will face face off against the Republican Senator John McCain who has been investigated and questioned in the traditional manner.

Plenty is already known about the notoriously corrupt dealings of Hillary Clinton and her husband, the impeached former president Bill Clinton, but again, Democrats are too polite to broach such subjects when it comes to liberal champions. Hillary will not be accused of using her position as the wife of a governor to enrich herself or of some of the notoriously unethical dealings she has been involved in over many decades. The Clinton cool-aide drinkers are still intoning, after all these decades, that the Clintons didn't, after all, break any laws. They still comfort themselves by turning toward some bizarre notion of a right-wing conspiracy to explain it all away. If Hillary were not a women she would be seen for exactly who she is, an ethically challenged corporate lawyer on the take.

There would be unquestionably great merit to the idea of electing an African-American or a women to the American Presidency. The overriding consideration, however, comes down to who would be the best commander in chief of a nation at war and during a time of economic uncertainty. The Presidency is unique and the office holds extraordinary power. A president can determine the future course of our country and society for generations. When it comes to the presidency, character, personality, style, and other intangible factors are as important as experience, intelligence, and a record of hard public policy decisions that has been studied and developed over a long period of time. No doubt, a fit candidate for the Presidency who also happens to be an African-American or a woman will hopefully emerge in the future, but only after having gone through all the traditional rigors of any other candidate for the job.


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