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Bhutto's Death Shows Who's On Top of Foreign Policy writes: ::
Personal Aside: Not to Intrude with U. S. Politics but Bhutto's Death Shows Who's On Top of Foreign Policy (McCain) and Who's Not (Huckabee).

Posted: 28 Dec 2007 08:39 AM CST

Bhutto's Death.

She was a patrician, rich, educated in tony Western schools-Radcliffe, Harvard and Oxford-who capitalized in a male-dominated Islamic society as the child of the charismatic founder of the Pakistan People's Party, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was hanged by a military dictatorship. She felt she was born to lead and probably even welcomed martyrdom... which she received when she was shot to death yesterday after cycles of exile, jailing, house arrest and huge notoriety. But Benazir Bhutto was a kind of international Jane Byrne (which will signify much to Chicagoans)... a fiery political leader who failed as leader of Pakistan's government.

Tragic as the assassination was, the U.S. media raced for comments to the presidential candidates. On the Republican side there was one significant comment from someone who proved that he is an adult and has the capacity to react quickly to such events as is called for in the presidency. He was John McCain who gave sober, calm and reassuring assessments all round. One who stumbled badly was Mike Huckabee who suggested that the chaos in Pakistan was time for the U.S. to intervene with troops. Running second to McCain was Mitt Romney with an unexceptionable but not goofed-up statement. Far down the list of acceptable responses was that of Ron Paul who... surprise... thought we ought to cut off any more foreign aid to Pakistan.


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