Friday, March 23, 2007

Sam Brownback Is on a Roll

Sam Brownback Is on a Roll
By Bluey

Sen. Sam Brownback (R.-Kan.) stood firmly behind Gen. Peter Pace today, circulating a letter among his Senate colleagues in support of the embattled chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was a bold move by Brownback, but part of a shrewd strategy to differentiate himself from other candidates.

Brownback began to separate from the pack of second-tier candidates at CPAC, where his volunteers stood toe-to-toe with legions of Romney supporters. In today's Evans-Novak Political Report, David Freddoso noted the significance of Brownback's third-place finish in the straw poll.

Although he remains at the top of the second-tier candidates, Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback's third-place finish in the CPAC straw poll was impressive considering he spent less than $2,000 organizing for the event. All but four of his 40 student volunteers paid their own way. Romney finished first in the poll with 21 percent, followed by Giuliani at 17 percent, and then Brownback at 15 percent.

Romney reportedly spent more than $300,000 in organizing for the event and transporting, registering and housing volunteers. Brownback's backers assert that if the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., hadn't been on spring break, Brownback could have beaten Giuliani.

Today, Brownback's campaign circulated a memo making the case that he's a viable candidate for president. It cites the glowing report Brownback received from the Club for Growth and includes this quote from Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform: "What Brownback has is complete credibility on the social conservative issues and complete credibility on the economic issues." The memo also references a Rasmussen poll showing Brownback within striking distance of Hillary Clinton.

How far can Brownback go? He has a long road ahead, but he's on a roll.



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